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Louis Vuitton Toilet

  Ever wonder how rich people shit? Well, take a look at this Louis Vuitton toilet! It’s made from 24 different LV bags made by artist Illma Gore and is selling for the tiny sum of $100,000. If you’re curious how this luxurious toilet works and looks like visit the Tradesy …

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Clever Suitcase Stickers

  Check out these suitcase stickers that will have the TSA in a tizzy! These retail for about $12 at The Cheeky. Spending $12 to possibly get you a TSA fondle, miss your flight and get on the No-Fly list, basically. Sweet! I would have to choose the tied up stewardess …

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Cool Stuff for your Home

I woud love to have these hanging around my humble abode: -A literal heart vase by Veneri Design. Definitely roses (red or black) are flowers of choice! I’d even use ceramic markers to sketch some sort of tattoo on the heart. -Ceramic head juicers and ‘chia pets’ by Polly George. It’s like …

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