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Thom Browne- Resort 2017- Nautical Eccentric

If you’re going for the avant guard nautical look, Thom Browne’s Resort collection is IT! Not much to say about this, except I love the color palette and who wouldn’t want a jacket sleeve growing out of their back?? Hip Hip Horray for Thom Browne and his army of leather …

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Thom Browne- Fall 2016- A Tornado hits Fashion!

Elegantly trapped in a tornado, the models at Thom Browne were well-poised and calm wearing tweeds and furs. The juxtaposition of conservative suits and jumbled sequences of extra fabric and mismatched parts created a dramatic look fit for a typical boring office. What I’m trying to say, is that I …

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Thom Browne- Fall 2016 -Mens’ Hobo Collection

Thom Browne’s Men’s Collection was all about the tattered and torn hobo coats of yesteryears. In other words, it was a moth’s amusement park and people were, apparently, excited over this. The bowler hats were covering the models’ faces so that was already impressive that they didn’t bump into each …

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Thom Browne- Spring 2016- Mooshi Mooshi!

This was probably one of my favorite Thom Browne collections to date. They were like Japanese school girls, but all grown up. Gorgeous grey-scaled suits where embroidered with traditional Japanese motifs for a non-traditional aesthetic. It was gorgeous and I love love loved it! The hair shooting out of hats, …

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