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Sweet Monsters

British artist James Ostrer’s ‘ Wotsit All About‘ used Kirstie Alley’s pantry items to create these delectable monsters. The junk food was slathered and glued onto these models to create some of the most effed up creatures. And for the record, I’d eat all of it. Except for the burgers and fries one… …

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Sketched Ceramics

British artist Katharine Morling created these fantastic sculptures out of  ceramic ! They look like that Marc Jacobs sketched mouse flats (I have a pair that I wear frequently) ! I am always amazed by artists that can create a piece out of one medium and then make it look like another medium… Hip …

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Cool Stuff from John Lewis

Check out these cool stuff for your home and garden from British purveyor, John Lewis.  They deliver throughout Europe and the US and Canada.Click on the photo above to take you straight to the product. I had no idea that Christian Lacroix had a wallpaper line. I chose the purple map …

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Luxury Boutique ‘Avenue 32’

Check out this awesome UK site called Avenue 32. They offer the latest designer clothes, shoes and jewelry right to your door, worldwide! Whether you need a set of swanky pajamas or a classic cocktail dress or just a basic uniform for everyday, Avenue 32 has got it. Here are my …

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Feline Fatale Jewelry

Feline Fatale Etsy shop created these wonderful kitty jewelry that is a must for all us cat ladies. You can wear these cats around your neck, on your ears, on your collar or around your finger. They need to make a white version for all the purrrrrrrsian cat lovers. That would …

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Candy Candy

What a cool online store! Candy Candy is UK-based, but shipped worldwide and carry loads of cat and kitschy items that I’d die for. Mushroom candle- check! Elephant tea set-check! Kitty cameo bow and kitty pressed powder- check and CHECK! Seriously, any product with a cat’s face on it is a …

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