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Grotesquely Beautiful Shoes

Israeli artist Costa Magarakis creates fantastically mystical sculptures out of shoes that are reminiscent of  the gothic works of Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Torro. These are so spectacularly splendid! The best part is you can order one of the works of art off his Etsy shop directly. My fave has to …

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Tokyo’s Soen Awards 2016

  SOEN Fashion Awards is a competition in Japan for emerging fashion designers with a 1 million yen and all-expenses paid study in France for the prize. So, basically, whoever weirds it up the best gets to guzzle on Moet, snack on cat food paté, while living in Paris. Pretty good …

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Russian Fashion Week Gems

Because I’m too lazy to research the names of each designer above, I have lumped them all under Russian Fashion Week. These are all gems in their own category of messed up fashions, so I salute them all. My fave has to be the lady with the bird cages… apparently …

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Madame Peripetie- Dream Sequence

Photographer Madame Peripetie’s  “Dream Sequence”  is the latest from her impressive collection of works. Dude barfing red hair? Check. A chick with the same pale, clammy face I get when I get the stomach flu? Check. An ingrown nail on a face? Check. Creepy looking dudes harboring flowers on their heads? Check. Typical …

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Wicked Ugly Wicker Hats

Only in Japan is there a store dedicated to all things wicker – Tokyo Wani Department Store. It sounds like a Floridian retirement home times ten. Anywho, I went on their website and everything was in Japanese, so I’ll make up stuff like usual. One thing that they nailed down in wicker …

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Chainmail Shoes

Ok, riddle me this: Can chainmail actually protect your feet from all the millions of microscopic, nasty ass stuff that are found on the ground? I think not. But, then again, I’m a germaphobe, so anything involving feet and the outside elements are high on my vom list. Anywho, these …

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