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Insulting Teacups

Check out these provocative teacups….These will surely make your next afternoon tea party a lively one! Retailing for about $60 a tea set,  Miss Havisham’s Curiosities carries every insult imaginable for every type of guest. “I love the juxtaposition of high brow and low. Here are these delicate and prissy cups …

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Vintage Wood

Believe it or not, American artist Ron Isaacs carved these pieces out of wood! They totally look like articles of clothing, but really, they are stiff as a board! I love this! This would look great hanging in an outdoor shower or garden. Check out his other works on his site. …

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Kitschy Kitschy Koo

Check out the amazing artwork of Californian Noir Nouar! It’s vintage-style, kitschiness, and tongue-in-cheek humor is definitely what I admire most about her work. Check out some of her other works here. I need to put some these around the house! photos: Nouar Please follow and like us:

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Anatomy Sweater

Check out this  vintage sweater on Great White Vintage on Etsy! Some lucky bastard already bought it, but one can still dream, right?! Whoever made this masterpiece needs to pony up and make a bodysuit like this. And add a few rhinestones here and there. Rhinestones make EVERYTHING better. photos: Who Killed …

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Headless Portraits

Check out these creepy 19th Century Headless Portraits . These haven’t been photoshopped recently, but rather they were created back in the 19th century with negatives and actual photographs. It was the beginning of photoshop! Now people photoshop smaller butts and bigger boobs- BOOOO! I’d like to see a headless Kardashian …

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Wearable Maps

Here is British artist Elisabeth Lecourt‘s Les Robes Géographiques series. I love how these dresses are totally christening dresses made out of maps. I mean, I can’t tell if these are meant to be worn? for adults? just to be hung up as art?or what? I think these are good enough to …

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