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Designer Logos

First off, it took me a good 5-6 minutes to figure out the people in these drawings are the designers of the fashion house logo. I mean, who knew Louis Vuitton looked like Saddam Hussein and Yves Saint Laurent looked like John Lennon??? Anywho, Dutch artist Mike Frederiqo took the clever idea of …

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Japanese Goth

Check out gothic brand Alice Auaa fashion show collection during Tokyo Fashion Week.   I love Japanese fashion and this is no exception…. that plaid outfit is all kinds of awesome. And the trench coat is very Jean-Paul Gaultier-ish. I’m a big fan of the Goth-lolita look, but as a person …

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The Art of Liliana Anail

Check out Portuguese artist Liliana Anail‘s work as a stylist, fashion designer  and photographer. Really captivating stuff! She has shown her collection at Milan’s fashion week and a Vogue’s Night Out event. Check out her facebook  for more of her work, including a Steampunk series. We’ve got our eyeballs on you, Liliana! …

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Up, Up and Away….

          I saw this balloon skirt designed by Janine Trott for Vogue UK on the blog Honestly, WTF? fell in love with it! So cool, but alas, not functional. Whenever I think of hot air balloons, I think of two things: That shady wizard in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ …

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A Stitch in Time

Check out these cool magazine covers and fashion ads by Inge Jacobsen– she stitched these by hand and each cover took her 2 months. That’s a lot of patience! Once upon a time, I used to needle-craft like an golden-aged, church lady on a mission! It was addictive and I would …

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