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Boobies and Bums Needlepoint

Artist Sally Hewett  has taken the old lady art of embroidery and stitching to a whole new ‘cheeky’ level. Although it may look like a wall of Cabbage Patch porn, it’s actually a statement about breast augmentations due to cancer and sucky things like that. Honestly, I just want to run up …

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Toenail Stockings

Japan is a magical little place that burps up all kinds of messed up stuff. Here is one: Toenail Stockings. If you’re too lazy to paint your nails and you’re a panty hose aficionado, then these are made just for you! I personally hate pantyhose, so I’d never wear these, but …

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Imaginary Creepy Creatures

Artist Erika Sanada’s imaginary creatures collection is straight out of my nightmares. I have a dog phobia (please don’t laugh- this is for realz), so zombie, messed up dogs with birds tearing out of their ears and eyes and on level SH*T JUST GOT SERIOUS . And the rats with 2 …

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Effed Up Stuff on Etsy

I haven’t been on Etsy lately because I feel like Pinterest is more interesting to look at these days. Unless I’m searching for a specific thing to buy, Etsy isn’t my go to search anymore. Anywho, I came across this collection of weird stuff on Etsy and I thought maybe …

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Wacky Styles from those Crazy Kids

These are more Graduate Fashion shows. I’m too lazy to list each and every designer, so feel free to click back to Style Bubble for the complete round up. I don’t get paid enough to that. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!  Anywho, that fishbowl backpack is the new goldfish …

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