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Adorable Animal Scarves

Celapui  creates the most gorgeous, handmade animal scarves out of felted wool. The eyes are so stunning…. almost creepy…which makes the scarves so interesting! My fave has to be the cat (durrrrrrrr!) and also the swan. The swan is pretty awesome because it’s like that ‘Swan Dress’ that Bjork wore to …

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Chunky Knits by OHHIO

Check out these super-duper cozy knits by Ukraine company OHHIO. They look so luxuriously cozy and warm! Contrary to popular belief, giants did not knit these with ginormous knitting needles! It’s actually made with human arms as knitting needles. Talk about having muscle man arms after making a few of …

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Thom Browne- Menswear- Fall 2014- Grey Matter

It was wooly grey that dominated the catwalk at Thom Browne’s menswear show this season. The proportions were in Andre Leon Tally territory and the fabrics were heavy and stiff like…. I dunno what. The animal hats are pretty sweet especially the elephant one! It’s like that Davy Jones in …

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Felted Wool Sculptures by Zoe Williams

New York-based artist Zoe Williams creates animal ‘taxidermy’ plaques made completely from felted wool. She makes these masterpieces by hand using only a single needle to felt. If anyone is familiar with felting, it’s tedious, but it can be addicting. I made a gnome mushroom chair with felted wool once, and man, I …

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Lady Gaga x Barney’s

I know I’m super late on posting this but I was busy being lazy on the couch in my robe for the holiday break. Seriously, there were days where the only interaction I had was with my computer, cats, a six year old boy and the husband. Yeah. It was …

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