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Teeth, Hair and Bones, oh my!

Apex-Predator-Ceremonial-Mask-Made-from-Teeth-1 Apex-Predator-Ceremonial-Mask-Made-from-Teeth-2 Apex-Predator-Ceremonial-Mask-Made-from-Teeth-3 Apex-Predator-Ceremonial-Mask-Made-from-Teeth


I couldn’t explain this mess any better than LikeCool.com… so here’s what this is all about:

Darwinian Voodoo, the new pedigree lifestyle brand by artists fantich & young –  Alex Predator is made for the ‘discerning client with the taste for power and exclusivity’, the series of wearable and household accessories are embellished with human hair and bones, and laden with thousands of teeth.”– from LikeCool 

Okay, firstly, who’s teeth, hair and bones are these?  And how on earth do they acquire thousands upon thousands of teeth?? Do they have a deal with a pervy tooth fairy??? Are they camping out outside of dentists’ offices??? Are they kidnapping people are yanking their teeth out by force?? Inquiring minds what to know! What about the bones??? Where does one get a human bone that’s not in use?? Ebay? The local hospital?? So many QUESTIONS! They should have the uber-creepy  Hannibal Lecter as their spokesmodel.

photos: Like Cool

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