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The Best of the Royal Ascot Hats

These b*tches at the  Royal Ascot are showing how to do it RIGHT! The Kentucky Derby is like the younger, hillbilly sister of the Royal Ascot. You know the one that gets knocked up because she drank too many wine coolers on a camping trip. Anywho, let’s turn our focus to the classy one, shall we? I’m a huge fan of hats, but alas, it’s not very popular in the states unless you’re in a small town parade. So, I really admire the Brits for really showing how hats can add some dazzle to an otherwise mundane outfit. I love love LOVE the Marie Antoinette hat in the first photo- SOOOOOOOOO awesome! Maybe a ship would look good in there, too, or would that be too over the top?

The rest are pretty kooky. Especially the iPad hat…. really, at least put a still of Angry Birds on there or something! Or a photo of another hat…. something. The moldy cheese hat has got to be the nastiest, though. She should’ve taken a note from Willard and thrown on some rats around there all Ratatouille– like. Now that would’ve been a scene!

Is it me or should that ashtray be on top of her head, not the side? Right now it looks like a coat rack. If I was invited to this mess, I would throw Mr. Marmar on my head and call it a day.

photos: WOW report, Daily Mail

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