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The Crucifixion of Holly Hobby!

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Whoa! Holy Holly Hobbit Hellraiser!!

This is Angela Ellsworth’s “Seer Bonnets: A Continuing Offense” on display at the Phoenix Art Museum. Basically, Angela felt compelled to poke a million bazillion pearl-tipped needles through these early American bonnets and see what would happen. Well, this happened and I have to say, they look intriguing!  All those pins! So punk! Imagine being Angela and doing this for days on end…. I’m sure there were lots of pokes and not in a good way. This would make an excellent torture device.  Muahahahh.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! May your day be full of naps, purrs, pigging out, more naps and family zings!



photos: WOW- James St. James

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