The Monsters of Piccinini

bottom-feeder-patricia-piccinini monstres-Patricia-Piccinini-14 Patricia-Piccinini-bulkka Piccinini_Prone3 the-young-family-2003-patricia-piccinini


These are some creepy-ass sculptures by artist  Patricia Piccinini. It’s like a mash up of Gollum, Jar Jar Binks and Donald Trump’s hair. The first time I saw these, I did a double take because I thought they were babies or animals with birth defects, so I let out a loud “AWWWWWWW”….. but they are just monster sculptures from the brain of Piccinini. So, this exists and now I have to go find Mr. Miggins to cleanse my eyes. It cannot not be unseen. Warning. 

photos: Patricia Piccinini

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