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The Rodnik Band- Spring 2013- BRIT POP!

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Check out the latest and greatest from The Rodnik Band ! This season, they decided to go all British and stuff and designed a collection with fish and chips, soft boiled eggs (my fave), a pint, the beefeater and of course, the telephone booth. Awesome, awesome and awesome. I’ve written about Rodnik’s collection in the past… it was dedicated to POP ART. Anyway, I also included their other collections featuring a washing machine shirt, lobster dress, ham dress and that mousey beeyotch, Minnie Mouse’s bow (BOWS!). I would wear every one of these dresses because they are all so unique and fab. And I wouldn’t wear them on Halloween, in case you’re wondering. I do have to mention the ham dress does look like a sideways va-jay-jay at the bottom. Hmmmmm….so many jokes, so little time….

photos: Nylon

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