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The Strange Art of Paulo Guido

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Check out Italian artist Paolo Guido‘s latest work… it’s like a bunch of orphans that ran away to the circus and discovered they have to do messed up stuff for the promise of CANDY. Anything for a roll of SWEET TARTS! No, really, I’ll do anything for a roll of Sweet tarts. They’re my favorite candy. Sure they taste like tangy chalk dust, but they’re SO delicious. Anywho, Guido’s ( I feel like I’m making fun of Italians when I say that word) website doesn’t say much, so I have no back story on him. I could say very, very vague things like, he likes pizza and has a shady uncle that is capable of making custom ‘cement shoes’ for anyone that crosses him. I can also say that he speaks mostly with his hands. But that’s it. On another note, who knew Holly Hobby would fall on hard times? Where is her other shoe??

photos: Hi-Fructose

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