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The Toe-Plow

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Living in California, I’ve completely forgotten how much of a pain in the ass snow can be. When I hear New England (where I grew up)  is being blasted by a storm, I don’t think of plowing driveways, icy sidewalks and  freezing balls anymore. I think of cuddling with cozy kitties, hot chocolate and the smokey aromas of a warm fireplace. But, seeing these Toe Plowmakes me see the crappy side of winter. I remember the worst part of winter was not being able to wear cute shoes. Also, having to wear thick tights that make your hoo-ha all sweaty and all sorts of uncomfortable. Perfect conditions for ‘baking bread’ aka a yeast infection. Anywho, I’ll stop there. Check out the tutorial to make your own, although, it looks very, very involved. Probably better to strap on 2 midgets with shovels to your feet.

photos: Like Cool

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