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The Wedding of the CENTURY! Mr. Miggins & Miss Minky get Married!!!!!

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O, joyous day! Mr. Miggins has been awaiting the love a female companion for far too long. After, Ms. Coco shunned him and Miss Mimi bitch-smacked him one too many times, the masculine Miggins found love with another fellow rescue kitty, Miss Minky. Miss Minky,  being shy and afraid for her life, welcomed Mr. Miggins’ impromtou ‘love bites’ with loving arms.Like a story out of Shakespeare, actually more like a story from The Looney Tunes (Pepe Le Pew , to be exact), Miss Minky and Mr. Miggins united their undying love for each other on September 8, 2013 in sunny Santa Barbara, CA.

Above are a few snapshots of the private affair. The couple decided to release their photos here on Teacups and Couture, instead of People magazine. How sweet of them. Mr. Miggins showered his new bride with gifts from Chanel, Gaultier and a huge rock from Tiffany’s (it’s too big for her to ever wear). He also brought along his favorite three blind mice as the bridesmaids, since Miss Mimi and Ms. Coco had permanent bitch face all day.  Although, Miggins is deaf, the musical stylings of DJ Felix were the music of choice at this elegant affair. The couple dined on kitty snackums and a cake fashioned from cans of Wellness cat food.

Please join us in celebration by observing a moment of meowness by chasing a red laser pointer dot.

ConCATulations to the happy couple!

PS- Miss Minky wishes to change her name to Mrs. Minky.

photos: moi

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