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Thom Browne- Spring 2018- Welcome to Paris!

WOWIE WOW WOW! Thom Browne just upped his game by a million billion  with this collection. This season, he packed up his shit and moved from booooorrrrring NYC to Paris, where all the avant guarde stay and play. Welcome to PARIS! What a GREAT move! He totally belongs there. Every look from this collection was well past dazzling… from the otherworldly ballerinas to the unicorn finale, Browne struck a cord with a haute couture foundation mixed with a wearability that will sell, sell, sell. What Thom Browne really needs now is a really stunning flagship store that showcases his deep talents to the world… will it be in Paris or his native NYC? His current shop in NYC is devastatingly under-whelming and bare. Hopefully, this new burst of creativity will spur him to share his talents in an immersive new storefront. Let’s keep our eye out for Thom’s next big move!

photos: Vogue

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