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Tokyo Fashion Art College Graduate Collection

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Here is the senior collection at the Tokyo Fashion Art College (TFAC). I googled the college and came up with nothing. Either it’s like a community college where your chola cousin studied cosmetology at or it’s strictly Japanese and no Engrish site exists. Anywho,   these are all great! My fave is the first photo with the kitty mask and kick ass cape/raincoat thingy. I would totally wear that. That third photo of the knit thing is outrageous! It’s such a mess, but somehow it works. I love how that guy is ‘flashing’ his artwork. HAHAAHAHAAHAHA. I have been flashed before on the streets of NYC, but this looks much more pleasant. Dude had a ginger bush and the most blinding, freckled skin. Over ten years has passed and I still remember this! Forever Scarred!! I kinda want to eat Doritos now.

photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

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