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“Tomb Raider” opens in theaters March 16 !

Whew! What an experience! Recently, I was invited by Warner Brothers to the Escape Hotel in Hollywood for the new film, “Tomb Raider”. Escape Hotel is not really a hotel, but a collection of rooms with exciting themes for people who love a challenge. You are given a set amount of time to figure out puzzles and riddles and whatnot to get your ass of the room! So entertaining! Anywho, one of the rooms was the “Tomb Raider” room, in honor of the film starring actress Alicia Vikander opening March 16th. Check out my video of the experience here on my Youtube Channel, as well as my interview with the lovely Alicia Vikander, who is in unbelievably, fantastic shape with the help of celebrity trainer Magnus Lygdback. “Tomb Raider” opens in theaters March 16th  nationwide!


photos: moi/ EscapeHotel

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