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Two Really Cool Things

3D-printed-Bow-Tie World-map-art-wallpaper

Check out these two random cool things I found recently. First, a 3D printed bow tie from monocircus. For $112, you can get a clip on bow tie that actually looks cool and doesn’t make you look like a cheezy magician that puts on shows at the El Dorado Casino in Hendersen, Nevada. I, personally love bow ties so this is something I would get. I like the look of a bow tie, not on my necktie ,but on my head. Bows are the best!

That map is pretty awesome, especially, since I forget some country’s names. Like Canada, I always refer to that ‘maple syrup-y place’ or Russia as that ‘mail-order bride emporium’. Or Australia as that ‘Outback Steak House’ place. Sorry, I couldn’t find who sells these or designed these. Anywho, for those of you in the USA (you know ‘the effed up health care and random gun shootings’ place) have a Happy 4th of July! It’s time to celebrate all that’s wrong with ‘Murica’!


photos: Like Cool


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