United Nude 3D- printed Shoes

Ammonite_Fernando-Romero_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_9 Flames_Zaha-Hadid_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_1 Flames_Zaha-Hadid_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_2 Ilabo_Ross-Lovegrove_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_3 Michael-Young_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_7 UNX2_Ben-van-Berkel_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_6 UNX2_Ben-van-Berkel_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_784_5

Check out these funky 3D printed shoe collection for  United Nude  by architects Zaha Hadid, Ben van Berkel and Fernando Romero, and designers Ross Lovegrove and Michael Young. These aren’t shoes… these are hooves! These aren’t very practical, but who cares…. they’re sure to spruce up any outfit into intergalactic status. That being said… Would Imelda Marcos* Wear These? (WIMWT)

*Imelda Marc0s– owner of 3,000 pairs of shoes

photos: Dezeen

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