Viktor & Rolf Dolls

As an avid doll collector ( I saw that side-eye and no, I don’t put my dolls in a car seat like this b*tch), Viktor & Rolf ‘s doll collection at the Barbican Art Gallery in London is enough to make me prance through a field of lilies in my favorite Bette Davis babydoll dress looking for a rat to cook up for ‘din-din’. No. But I surely can appreciate the mini-couture behind all the 55 dolls the Dutch duo has created. Here are only a few of them- my fave is naturally the pink bow gown that obviously must be adopted by Candy Spelling for her gift wrapping room.  I also love the violin gown- it’s like the world’s smallest violin.

Such beauty! And they’re only a foot tall!

photos:World of Wonder , Chateau Thombeau

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  1. Oh no! I think you’re about 2 and a half years late with this post! They are fabulous though! I saw the exhibit and was so blown away I bought the book!

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