Wearable Maps

Here is British artist Elisabeth Lecourt‘s Les Robes Géographiques series. I love how these dresses are totally christening dresses made out of maps. I mean, I can’t tell if these are meant to be worn? for adults? just to be hung up as art?or what? I think these are good enough to replicate to be worn by adult ladies…. Sure, you’ll look like a giant Shirley Temple, but who cares when you have a map that may actually work better than Apple maps. Speaking of Apple maps, that sh*t got me lost in the suburbs the other week… I was looking for the cat lady that is spinning Mr. Marmar’s fur into yarn and I almost ended up at some serial killer’s house who refuses to water the lawn. The lawn was parched! I was pissed. Anywho, these are old timey-maps, by the way.

photos: Honestly WTF

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