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Weird Random- Part 3,865

There are times where I stumble across images online that don’t fit anywhere on my blog. Not significant enough to deserve its own post, but captivating enough to mention. So, here they all are in this post called  ‘Weird Random’.

Boob Bag- You, too, can have porn star side-boob anyday of the week with this bag. Seriously, I love it more if a dude rocked this bag.

Puking Kitty Gravy Boat- By fine glass artist GingerELA. This is on my Christmas List for sure! I mean, how many times have you seen your kitty hack up a green loogey and thought, I need to make that specific pose into a ceramic gravy boat? Personally, all. the. time. Miss Coco is the bulimic one in our kitty family. She likes to throw up anywhere she can and it’s usually a nice mustard color with hints of green undigested grass! Yum! That gravy boat kinda looks like a rodent , though.

Denim Boot Sandals– First off, any kind of boot/sandal hybrid needs to go into some sort of therapy session to really figure out who they are. Are you a boot? Are you a sandal? Both is just schizo. Second, denim is known to make the most wealthy person into a back road hillbilly in seconds. Exhibit A. So, this horrific footwear specimen needs to be destroyed. I’m going to digress and say that I do like that you can store your cell phone and mace in those jean pockets, though. Off with it’s head (or feet)!

photos: Like Cool

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