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Welcome our newest Kitty, Miss Minky!

minkyminky harem miggs:minky

About a month ago, we adopted our fourth cat, Minky. I heard someone say that if you have more than three cats, you’re bat-shit. I guess, I’m beyond bat-shit. She is about 3 years old and was rescued from an awful hoarding situation in Southern California. I found her photo on Helping Persian Cats’ Facebook- the same people who made Mr. Miggins possible.

After the passing of one of my beloved cats, Miss Darcheen, I vowed to get another that resembles her. She has similar coloring with a bit more creme and a similar face, but not as Ewok-ish as Darcheen. Miss Darcheen can never be replaced but Miss Minky is a great addition to our kitty klan. She’s sweet, she’s loving, and still shy. The other cats have accepted her with no problem, although for a few days Mr. Miggins was pouncing on her like possessed vampire bunny. Now they have snackums together. Anywho, let’s give a round of ap-paws for Miss Minky!

Here’s to many years with Miss Minky!

photos: Moi

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