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What I wore….

I recently attended a few events at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and here are 2 of my outfits from separate events. Let’s start with my fluffy mongolian fur blue jacket- somewhere a powder blue sheep is shivering but who cares, right? Seriously, I had a cold that night and I wanted to wear something warm, but super bright and anime. I also wanted my hands free to eat popcorn, so I wore my fancypack. It’s the perfect shade of Barbie plastic pink. In hindsight, I probably wouldn’t have chosen that shade of Smurf tights, maybe something lighter, but at least now I know I have to get a higher watt bulb in my walk-in closet. Live and learn, right? By the way, I wore that to the Nicole Kidman Tribute. Yeah, totally out of place- I belong more at Spa in NYC  circa 2000.

The black bondage dress was a departure from what I usually wear, but I was feeling sort of film noir-ish/comic book-ish that night. It could’ve been the Batman effect. Anywho, I wanted to rock some Betty Paige bangs, so it sort of evolved to that outfit. All clothes are vintage, including the gold lame jacket that somehow probably belongs on a mafia wife in New Jersey. My half leather gloves are from Patricia Field‘s and leave your thumbs free for playing with the iPhone. Yay. This look I wore for the Christopher Nolan Tribute, presented by Leonardo DiCaprio. Excuse the super crappy iPhone photo of Nolan and DiCaprio, my pocketbook wouldn’t fit my regular camera.

photos: Becky Sapp (black dress), moi

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