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Here is a vintage find from a shop on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. I’m always surprised when I find something cool in LA, since I find that a lot of vintage is either really overpriced or not that great as say, vintage stores in New England.

It’s a 1950s evening dress made of sheared silk in a Tiffany blue shade. Totally looked Dior-ish, so I bought it. It has creme colored lace detailing along the trim of each layer making it look like a nice delicious wedding cake! It fits a bit tight on me, but I sucked it in because just the color of the dress is enough for me to swoon over! The feather on my head was a find at the garment district in NYC. I just tucked it into my rhinestone headband from Forever 21. According to my son, I looked like a rooster. Cockle-doodle-doo. Necklace is Dior. Mr. Marmar Rabbit fur stole is vintage ( I added the Tiffany blue silk ribbons on the ends). Although you can’t tell in the photo, I had a bitching sinus infection. In case you’re wondering, I wore this to a fancy party for the Persian New Year in March.

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  1. I love your witty and fun posts. They brighten my day every time i read one. Your humor and creativity is infectious. Thank you and more power to you!

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