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What I wore… The Vacation Edition + Barbies!

I recently took a trip to Rhode Island and NYC (thankfully before Miss Irene came around) and I wanted to share with you some images I collected during the trip. Firstly, above is an ensemble I wore at the Rhode Island International Film Festival for my husband’s screening of his documentary, “The Invocation”. It is a Betsey Johnson chiffon dress with rose prints and hidden skulls. That was the part that sealed the deal for me, the hidden skulls. Unfortunately, the camera couldn’t capture it. I paired it with a rhinestone pirate necklace and a brass knuckle clutch from Patricia Field’s. It totally looks like the McQueen clutches that cost a crazy about of bills. My bracelet is a black peacock bought from a random jewelry store in NYC. Rhinestone rose hair clip by Betsey Johnson and braided headband by PuppycatMeow. It was only until half way through the event that I totally looked like Axl Rose. Oh, well. Moving on…

Our visit to NYC, could not have been without a trip to FAO Schwartz! I took my little son, before realizing I also had taken myself. I’m a sucker for dolls and toys, so this was perfect. On the 2nd floor, a whole section is dedicated to everything Barbie. As an avid Barbie collector, I had stumbled upon my sweet heaven of plastic heels and mini-couture aaaannnnd a foosball table- whaaaat? Awesome doesn’t even describe this! It was 20 perfect Barbies lined up orderly ready to kick balls with their heels. (By the way, kicking balls with my heels is something I long for one day! HAHHAHAHAH!) This retails for $24,000 and only 10 were made in the world.  Below are some of the exceptional dolls that I fancied and click here for a Barbie Fashion Show.


This is me in front of Eloise’s pad. I am wearing a Nanette Lepore yellow gingham dress and a sweater from Anthropologie. I was going for a punk rock, Bulgarian immigrant look. Although, I’m not sure if Bulgarian immigrants have access to cat eye sunglasses. Do you like it?

And lastly, Rhode Island has some great antique stores and coincidentally, one of the best is just around the corner for the house I grew up in Smithfield. It’s in an old warehouse mill, so it can take hours to see everything. I picked up a rhinestone unicorn pin and a Kremlin brooch on my last visit. There will be photos of it coming in the next few weeks as I pair it with a dashing ensemble worthy of posting. I had to share this porcelain Delft life size violin and this Union Jack guitar. Until next time!


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