Yummy Couture

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Artist Chloe Wise took delicious pieces of food and created designer handbags and what not out of them. Here is the blah, blah, blah about the significance. All I see is IHOP and my favorite designers had a delicious baby and I want some. If I had a pancake Chanel bag, I’d try not to eat it and wear it to brunch. Karl Lagerfeld would see me and break his vampire diet and devour it with along with a bottle of Diet Coke. Then, he’d feel bad about eating my Chanel bag and invite me to his place to meet his number one pussy cat,  Choupette. Then my GRAND PLAN of one day meeting Choupette would pan out and then I could die knowing I lived life to the fullest. And it all would be possible because of  Chloe Wise! Thanks, Chloe Wise!

photos: Juxtapoz

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