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Ziv Gil Kazenstein 2010- Gorilla Wear-fare

The Central Saint Martins BA Graduate Fashion Show always has a few gems emerging that Teacups & Couture can count on for entertainment! And Israeli designer, Ziv Gil Kazenstein,  is one of those twinkly gems! Check out his  silk prints accented with ruffles and ruffles of Bobby Trendy’s scraps after decorating my a tweeners boudoir! Who knew gorillas could be so chic? First it was A Bathing Ape (BAPE), then Christopher Kane and now Kazenstein. There’s this one gorilla at the Santa Barbara Zoo that I love. His name is Goma and everytime I see him I try to speak ‘gorilla’ to him. You know, like, bat my lashes, smile (with no teeth) at him, tilt my head. Actually, I think that’s how I picked up my husband.

Anyway, I love love love gorillas.

Photos: fashion156

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