Dolce & Gabbana- Fall 2015- A Garden by Children

DOL_0127 DOL_0283 DOL_0347 DOL_0453 DOL_0471 DOL_0547 DOL_0733 DOL_0841 DOL_1197 DOL_1211 DOL_1257 DOL_1273

Dolce & Gabbana’s latest collection was full of baby friends and kids honoring their moms. Dresses with child-like drawings and appliqués took over the runway… probably, inspired by Angelina Jolie’s Versace custom-made wedding dress. I have to say those drawings are better than anything I have ever drawn! I wonder what child(could they be “synthetic?“) army they employed to draw all those pictures! Any who, I really love the roses and the colors in this collection… very 1950’s… a hip hip hooray for our favorite Italian embezzlers who say the most stupid things.  

photos: style

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Moschino- Fall 2015- That’s All Folks!

MOS_0047 MOS_0097 MOS_0147 MOS_0213 MOS_0249 MOS_0251 MOS_0261 MOS_0325 MOS_0401 MOS_0467 MOS_0501 MOS_0571 MOS_0605 MOS_0625 MOS_0639 MOS_0869 MOS_0929 MOS_1003

The 90’s are back and it’s making me feel so old!! The later parts of the 90’s was part of my heydays and believe it or not, I still have and wear clothes from that era still. So, it will be very easy for me to recreate these looks, but on the other hand, it means it’s not gonna look right on me this time around with 3 kids in tow! Am I right?! Any who, I like the Looney Toons theme, but not as much when it was a Barbie theme… Bugs Bunny is awesome, but definitely not as glamorous. On the other hand, the gold chains and graffiti are fantastic- MORE please!

photos: Style

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Marko Mitanovski- Fall 2015- Dark Shadows

260A8ADD00000578-2967291-image-a-101_1424805931358 260A8AF400000578-2967291-image-m-97_1424803432858 260A871C00000578-2967291-image-a-82_1424803284270 260A875C00000578-2967291-image-m-94_1424803407419 260A892E00000578-2967291-image-a-79_1424803250467 260A862400000578-2967291-image-a-86_1424803304527 260A945900000578-2967291-image-a-88_1424803326748 260A946800000578-2967291-image-m-100_1424805920422 260AA4C200000578-2967291-image-a-60_1424803140634 260AA84700000578-2967291-image-m-96_1424803423329 260AA85500000578-2967291-image-m-89_1424803334211 260AA86000000578-2967291-image-a-95_1424803414264

Serbian Designer Marko Mitanovski’s latest collection sent models down the runway covered in black paint, latex and corsets. Sounds like a typical night at Christian Grey’s dungeon. Any who, all the theatrics aside, I really appreciated the workmanship that went into those corsets! All those laces, the steel bones, the endless grommets….. wow wowie wow! And that hair in the 7th photo! I’m glad the collection of lost Beyonce weaves found a home on that outfit. I was getting worried for those forgotten weaves!

photos: James St. James

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Gareth Pugh- Fall 2015- Primal Scream

GAR_0158 GAR_0190 GAR_0324 GAR_0348 GAR_0377 GAR_0417 GAR_0470 GAR_0569 GAR_0590 GAR_0621 GAR_0643 GAR_0880 GAR_0984 GAR_1053

Check out the latest from the Scientologist’s favorite designer, Gareth Pugh! It was all black, as usual with splashes of red make-up here and there. It was like the Grim Reaper got its period or something. I do have to say, I love the silhouettes of this collection- it reminds me of a medieval warrior gone emo. Can you imagine a medieval emo chick? This would be what’s hanging in their closet! Having said that, I need a duvet dress like the one in photo 6!

photos: Style

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Sibling- Fall 2015- Pretty in Punk

KIM_0058 KIM_0069 KIM_0098 KIM_0167 KIM_0193 KIM_0230 KIM_0259 KIM_0276 KIM_0309 KIM_0341 KIM_0355 KIM_0398

I love love loved this collection! It was granny punk, which is my go-to look on days when I have to clean up nice. The knits, the bright colors, the sparing use of latex …. all brilliant! It all looked polished, yet spunky- hip hip hooray for Sibling!

photos: Style

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Central Saint Martins- Fall 2015- Fave Looks!

KIM_0006 KIM_0015 KIM_0025 KIM_0034 KIM_0060 KIM_0105 KIM_0160 KIM_0382 KIM_0418 KIM_0449 KIM_0482 KIM_0627 KIM_0900 KIM_1199 KIM_1233 KIM_1317 KIM_1414 KIM_1452 KIM_1478 KIM_1523 KIM_1577 KIM_1641

Here are my favorite messed-up looks from the senior class at Central Saint Martins! It’s a mess all around and I LOVE it!!!

photos: Style

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Royal Ascot 2015


Royal Ascot 2015

The Kentucky Derby has come and gone…. but the Royal Ascot 2015 (The Kentucky Derby is the hillbilly sister to a posh, British Royal Ascot, I suppose) is coming up next month! Here are some wacky and wild  hats from both events from past years and I have to say, I’d wear every single one.

That Lego Big Ben looks really heavy, though. Anything Lego is really awesome… I once made a Lego purse. I glued blue and yellow, flat lego panels to a pocketbook. It came out looking like an elementary school project!  The parrot hat looks pretty real and it could summon a whole gaggle of ravaging parrots!  That rose mohawk on Johnny Weir is pretty rad, in like a Rose Parade kinda way. Any who, I find the Royal Ascot has way better hats than the Kentucky Derby… so much more interesting.

If I had to wear a hat, I think I would choose my big, fat Persian cat, Mr. Miggins. Mostly because he’s warm and furry. But also because he’s white and he would match everything.

All kidding aside, one of my favorite hat designers is Piers Atkinson. His hats and fascinators are whimsical, chic and practical. He also specializes in bespoke hats with a variety of different materials and shapes.

Another designer I admire is the famous Philip Treacy of the United Kingdom. His hats are more classic, yet highly chic. His hats have graced the heads of many, many famous people including Dita Von Teese, Britney Spears and Boy George. I have one Philip Treacy hat on my hat rack that I had bought 10 years ago at NYC’s Henri Bendel. It’s a Tiffany Blue fedora that is fantastic for a rainy day. The only thing is I live in California, so rainy days are far and few between!

Another hat company I love is French designer Maison Michel. You may recognize their most famous design, the lace bunny ears made popular by Lady Gaga a few years ago. On their website, you may see a fascinating video of how hats are made and how tedious it is to craft these timeless pieces by hand.

Besides a fashion statement, hats can be very necessary in parts of the world with lots of sun, rain, or snow. I wear a hat pretty much everyday to shield from the awful California sun. There are days when I can feel my skin sizzle like a piece of friggin’ bacon! So, a hat is super duper necessary. Especially, since I’m a fan of the porcelain skin. I have to say it’s vey hard to keep your skin untanned in California! I use an SPF 600 sunscreen on my skin everyday! Not really, it’s SPF 50, but still a high SPF. I also make sure my kids have ample sunscreen on.

Anyway, let’s get back on track about the upcoming Royal Ascot 2015 coming up in June! What sort of hat would you wear and which horse would you bet on? Can’t wait to see the hats of the Royal Ascot of 2015! Pip Pip Cheerio!

photos: The Frisky, Royal Ascot 2015

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