Chanel- Spring 2015- This screams feminism.

CHA_0107 CHA_0144 CHA_0165 CHA_0183 CHA_0208 CHA_0269 CHA_0281 CHA_0310 CHA_0461 CHA_0792 CHA_0793

Karl the Cadaver was clutching his new iPhone 6 at the close his Chanel fashion show, which can only mean one thing: it’s his new prop to lure fresh blood into his lair for frequent feedings! Zombies, they’re just like us when it comes to Apple products! No, I kid… Chanel’s show this season focused on feminism because, well, it’s the thing to do these days. If this was about true feminism, the models would strut down the catwalk with hairy legs and furry armpits. They’d also have no make-up. They would be wearing ‘comfortable’ shoes and wearing flannel. They’d also be roaming the aisles of Home Depot with the Indigo Girls playing in the background, not a Parisian street with dance music. In other words,  it would’ve been a lesbo-hippie affair with fugly clothes! Well-played, Karl, well-played!

photos: Style 

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Comme Des Garçon – Spring 2015- In the Red…

CDG_0037 CDG_0085 CDG_0105 CDG_0127 CDG_0159 CDG_0247 CDG_0267 CDG_0297 CDG_0327 CDG_0595

Usually Comme des Garcon is all about the deep, dark, depressed look of black… but this season, a splash of color- mostly the devil’s favorite hue- took over! Hip hip hurray! And it’s one effed up look after another! Hip hip hurray! I would say these look like something that my 9 year old would’ve crafted, but after looking at them it’s more like something my pre-schooler would’ve crafted. Anywho, all I can think of is ‘Red Rum’ in a toddler voice.

photos: Style

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Undercover- Spring 2015- Here Birdie, Birdie…

_AG10014 _AG10062 _AG10082 _AG10172 _AG10294 _AG10332 _AG19483 _AG19507 _AG19543 _AG19627 _AG19639 _AG19685 _AG19707 _AG19729

What a gorgeous collection! I love the tutus, especially. It was part woodland creatures and part and part ballerina! Very ethereal… and YES YES YES to the cherry handbag and faux bois skirt! I guess I should start foraging for feathers for my next outfit… watch out birds- who-squawk-outside-my-window-at-5 am! I’m gonna keep Undercover under my radar!

photos: Style

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Yohji Yamamoto- Spring 2015- This is THE look.



photos: Style

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Jean Paul Gaultier- Spring 2015- Au Revoir, Maestro….

JPG_0417 JPG_0434 JPG_0507 JPG_1250 JPG_1336 JPG_1790 JPG_1840 JPG_2021 JPG_2050 JPG_2114 JPG_2168 JPG_2203 JPG_2412

Wow… It’s really the end of an era. I remember first discovering Jean Paul Gaultier when I was still in high school during the mid -nineties …. Bjork (Debut), Madonna during her Blonde Ambition Tour and  MTV’s House of Style days. I admired his ability to marry avant guard (without being too weird) with effortless Parisian chic. To me, he was and still is my most favorite designer, besides Chanel. I remember when Gaultier came out with his perfume line, I saved all my pennies from waitressing at a diner after school to purchase a corset- shaped bottle. It smelled divine! According to my oldest son, it smells like maple syrup and waffles… I still wear it everyday, 20 years later.  So, when I see Gaultier is closing up shop for his ready-to-wear collection, it really breaks my heart.  I bought my oldest son his first Gaultier shirt on our last trip to Paris- a striped French Navy shirt. So glad I did… All the accessories and clothes I bought from the Gaultier boutiques all have extra special meaning to them, now that there will never be another opportunity to buy them ever again. Will I ever be able to visit his stand alone boutiques again in Paris (behind the Tuileries)  and Cannes? Probably not. Luckily, Gaultier will still churn out two collections a year of his brilliant couture work, but I feel like this is just the beginning of his permanent retirement.    Above are photos from his final ready- to-wear show. Au Revoir, Monsieur….

photos: Style

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Junya Wantanabe- Spring 2015- Fantastic Plastic

WAT_0069 WAT_0089 WAT_0105 WAT_0123 WAT_0147 WAT_0163 WAT_0199 WAT_0247 WAT_0279 WAT_0357 WAT_0427 WAT_0481 WAT_0529 WAT_0819 WAT_0909

It’s crafting time! This time, we can use colorful shower curtains just like Junya Wantanabe! These are pretty awesome and I’m sure would be a hit with Club Kids everywhere… I love the colors and the circles… so simple, so chic, so pre-school. Hurray for Junya!

PS- Do you think I can get away with throwing a plastic hair do on my head on bad hair days??

photos: Style

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‘Macabre Fairy Tales’ – Now Available in Print!!

10620169_10153286831248943_4156224549462512666_o 10620296_10153286831243943_2560273077150648610_o

iTunes app ‘Macabre Fairy Tales’ is now available in a limited edition, hardcover printed book! Signed, personalized and numbered for $60. Paypal accepted. For more info, contact . Happy Holidays!

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