Japanese designer Hisui unveiled their Fall 2014 collection inspired by folkloric ensembles and that neighborhood hobo wrapped in all sorts of blankets, jackets and pants in the middle of April. I actually like this collection because it looks all sorts of cozy mozy. And I really like the built-in tables at the hip. All in all, Mr. Miggins.

photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

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Buttoned-Down Socks

erimakisox-02b erimakisox-03a erimakisox-04a erimakisox-06mena erimakisox-07 erimakisox-09men erimakisox-10


Check out these awesome socks  by Japanese designer Erimaki Sox ! They’re like little shirts for your feet! How cool! They come in a variety of patterns, including strips (so nautical) and gingham (It’s a picnic… ON YOUR FEET! ) I wanted to order a pair or two, but the website is all in Japanese. I don’t know Japanese (for all I know it could just be Miss Mimi’s passive-aggressive scratch marks ) but, if you can read Japanese- please please please let me know so you can help me order. I think, if it’s in Yen then it translates to about $35 a pair…. which is a steal! Anyone that helps me order these, I will send you a personalized, pawed photo of Mr. Miggins, Miss Mimi, Mrs. Minky, or Ms. Coco. I’m super duper serious- I want those socks.

photos: Tokyo Diaries

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Tiny Food Art

tumblr_n7fag3mXx41rte5gyo1_500 tumblr_n7fag3mXx41rte5gyo2_500 tumblr_n7fag3mXx41rte5gyo3_500 tumblr_n7fag3mXx41rte5gyo4_500 tumblr_n7fag3mXx41rte5gyo5_500

It seems like everyone is playing with their food lately. Here’s the latest on food as art with Turkish artist Kasan Kale ( what an appropriate name for a food artist) painting on tidbits of food remarkable landscapes that could belong in the Sistine Chapel. Good for him, not good for the dude that just wants to eat some M&M’s!

photos: This is Colossal

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Embellished Belly

Beautiful-Baby-Bump-Paintings-2 Beautiful-Baby-Bump-Paintings-4 Beautiful-Baby-Bump-Paintings-5 Beautiful-Baby-Bump-Paintings-6 Beautiful-Baby-Bump-Paintings-7 Beautiful-Baby-Bump-Paintings-8 Beautiful-Baby-Bump-Paintings

‘Get in my Bellleh!’- Check out these awesome paintings on this lady’s belly! I wonder if she did them on herself or had someone do it for her. If she did it herself, those are some sweet skills. My fave is the Disney castle… The entrance looks like a, well…, never mind! HAHAHAHAH!

photos: Like Cool

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Russian Fairytales

amazing-photography-margarita-karaleva-3 amazing-photography-margarita-karaleva-4 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-5 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-7 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-8 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-10 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-13 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-16 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-19 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-20 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-21 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-24 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-121 amazing-photography-margarita-kareva-251

Russian Photographer Margarita Kareva captured these magical, fairytale images. So beautiful!! The owls, the flamingos, the hedgehogs! Love love LOVE!!

photos: Bored Panda

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Playing with patterns: utilizing discord and harmony for a unique look

Discord and Harmony bedroom

Playing with patterns: utilizing discord and harmony for a unique look


Experimenting with patterns in interior design is something often left to the experts. Having the nerve to combine multiple prints or patterns in one décor does indeed take some skill, but follow the rules and it is possible to achieve rooms that blend flat notes with perfect pitch for the ultimate in discordant harmony.


The first difficult rule to get to grips with is the most important: there are no rules. Yes, really. It’s all about confidence, balance and being bold in your choices. There is no right or wrong, merely degrees of success and failure! To create a unique look in an interior it is necessary to take risks and push boundaries. Here are some pointers to get started:

The power of three


It is widely agreed in the design world that odd numbers give a pleasing impression when applied to pattern. Start off by selecting three different patterns to incorporate in a room. Choose a large scale bold pattern as the base note, then source two others that work alongside. A bold geometric wallpaper print may resonate well with the stripe on a fabric sofa or the animal print on a cushion – it all depends on the chosen hues and how they relate to one another. Mixing primary and pastel shades from the same part of the color wheel can be a little too saturated, so it’s better opting for contrasting tones.


Texture that talks


Texture belongs in the pattern category. Whether its upholstery fabric, Anaglypta wallpaper, rough plaster, intricate rugs and flooring or any number of tactile soft furnishing finishes, texture puts down another layer of depth. Use it to echo shades found elsewhere in the highlighted patterns for a sophisticated and elegant look.


The white way


Patterns that fizz with a white base color are easier to knit together in a scheme. The patterns chosen may all be totally different in motif and material, but the white background colors will pull them together with a sweet subtlety. Try it and see for yourself.


Patterns that perform


Some patterns work better than others for interior impact. A lot of the mid-20th century modern, geometric patterns lock in well to the current, edgy interiors we are seeing. Think of contemporary Missoni-style textiles colliding with authentic fabrics from the sixties for giving a room the perfect measure of untamed pattern.


Those who fear creating an over-busy mess should keep calm and carry on adding different patterns until some semblance of balance is achieved. Sometimes all it takes to make a room suddenly sing is the placement of the correctly patterned or textured cushion or throw. The world of pattern is alive with energizing designs featuring bold botanic and bird prints, tartans, stripes, paisley, French toile, polka dots, petite florals, antiqued brocade and more – so many from which to choose.


Harmony and discord are at different ends of the interiors map, but with some carefully selected furnishings, wall coverings and textiles, it is possible to get them both in the same room at the same time, with wonderful results.

photos: Houzz

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Jean Paul Gaultier- Fall 2014- Haute Couture

jpg003 jpg011 jpg012 jpg017 jpg018 jpg025 jpg032 jpg043 jpg049

As usual Jean Paul Gaultier gave us a very dramatic couture show with a sizzling finale featuring that famous lady boy with the five o’clock shadow. I have no idea who is, mainly because I don’t watch much TV, except for Sesame Street and Ninjago, so please don’t hold it against me… Anywho, I love the second to the last look above with all the gold chains… reminds me of this Rastafarian store I used to go to in downtown Providence years ago… they sold anything and everything with a picture of a weed leaf, that rainbow beret with attached dreads and tons of gold chains… I swear that store was a front for something else. By the way, can anyone tell me why doesn’t cover the Gaultier shows anymore?? It’s so strange since Gaultier is the authority on couture…

photos: WWD

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