Food Art

Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce_1 Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce-1 Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce-2 Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce-3 Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce

I didn’t know that there was such a thing called a Food stylist, but Food Stylist Anna Keville Joyce has created a series of incredible works of art only involving food items. Being pregnant and all, I’d probably start nibbling here and there if I was on set until all the food was gone… the flamingo would end up looking like a zombie ate it, the owl would look all wonky and freaky, that woodpecker would just completely disappear… good thing I wasn’t there! They’d probably taser my ass and throw me in a broom closet, HAHAHAHAHA!

photos: Like Cool

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Happy Easter!


photo: moi

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Spookshow Pinups By Ant Lucia

DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-1 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-2 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-3 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-4 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-5 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-6 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-7 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-8 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps

Check out these lady super heroes as 1940′s pinups by artist Ant LuciaI love that pin-up look, but lately I feel like it’s been overdone and can get a little cheezy… I was really into pin-up stuff probably about 10 years, but I guess it is a timeless look. Anywho, check out Ant’s site for more cool pieces of art called ‘Spookshow Pin-ups’.

photos: Like Cool

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Masha, Masha, Masha

57_42masharevapre-finallayerwd2 57_51masharevapre-final 60_4 63_2013mashareva-5201_v2-1 63_2013mashareva-5320 masha-reva-merging-2 masha-reva-merging-3-1

Here are designer Masha Reva‘s really cool collection of clothes… I’m most partial to the last photo with the flappy, sleeves that resemble coffee filters. The second photo also  strikes my fancy mostly because it looks like a Ukrainian grandmother- going- to- gather -goat’s- milk- high- in -the- mountains outfit. That look is THE look in my book. Who knew Winona Ryder would make a second career out of modeling?! But that Masha is smart because she outfitted her with big-ass rhinestone nails because of her ‘sticky-fingers’… hahahah. Security- hazard!

photos: Juxtapoz

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Monkey see, Monkey hair- do

JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen00 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen01 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen02 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen04 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen05 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen06 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen08

Danish artist Nikoline Live Andersen created these fantabulous wigs with the see no eveil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys. I love these wigs mainly because of the monkey. I mean, who wouldn’t want to carry their fur creature in their hair all day. If I could, I would carry Mr. Miggins in my hair, but I have a feeling his fat ass would crack my skull eventually. That wouldn’t be good. Anywho, check out more of her experimental designs on her site.

photos: juxtapoz

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The Eyes Have It

5f93e8dc50ab9f0177e6f33ed67efddd 7aced04c861731c766808f47cc9f50d3 20d87fb545e3298764ba055ec1210280 1737a99e23bd2f5d4c17333e31566dc0 e498fa25e9b61b97b818e88ba3aa74e0 f7e28eabb8ee6907d675cbf246e8c643 f873dd997edfedef05c859366d978156


Ukrainian artist Dina Lynnyk created these images called ‘Creepy Kids’…first of all, the eyes are where the creepiness is … dayum! I have to be honest, when I was younger I used to wear all sorts of different colored contacts and I had a light purple pair that used to creep people out on a regular basis. Eyes are so important because it really is the window to your soul! In this case, the souls are EFFED UP, yo! Even the cat in the second photo is looking for the nearest door to run though… he’s just in it for the snackums… can’t really blame him. Anywho, this exists and yes, I need to go cleanse my eye palate with Sesame Street.


photos: Fashion 156

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tumblr_mydcgfqLP81qlq9poo4_500 tumblr_mydcgfqLP81qlq9poo5_500 tumblr_mydcgfqLP81qlq9poo6_500 tumblr_mydcgfqLP81qlq9poo7_500 tumblr_mydcgfqLP81qlq9poo8_500 tumblr_mydcgfqLP81qlq9poo9_500

Photographer David Benoliel shot a fashion spread called In the Edge for Zink Magazine that’s making me want to slather baby oil all over me and roll around in metal. Ok, not really… but, this is pretty cool and the jewelry is to die for. I’ve got a few armored rings that I bought 15 years ago  in NYC’s most elegant establishment, The Port Authority. I used to wear them for protection, just in case I had to lay down the law with criminals wanting to steal my cell phone, money and fur coat.  I was set- I had my bitch boots, armored rings and mace- always ready to rumble. Fortunately for me, I looked like a scared child wearing oversize clothes, so no one really bothered me. Anywho, I love this spread!

photos: Haute Macabre

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