Techno Fashion

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Australian designer Nixi Killick took a page out of Manish Arora‘s book and created a line of clothes that make you wonder what effed -up, super futuristic Bollywood movie did I run into and how can I get out? These are kinda cool if you plan on going to a rave in a third world country. I’d totally wear these at an electronic music festival in, like,  Sri Lanka or something. Anywho, check out Nixi’s site for more psychedelic fashions .

photos: Fashion 156

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Gore and S’more

Horrifying-Blood--Guts-Tent-1 Horrifying-Blood--Guts-Tent-2 Horrifying-Blood--Guts-Tent-3 Horrifying-Blood--Guts-Tent

Oh dear! Here is a super grotesque tent created by Swiss artist Andre Hasler Honestly, this is super disturbing to me because in a few weeks, my 8 year old has a a school camping trip coming up and already I have anxiety about not having running water, no wi-fi, eating prepackaged foods and sleeping amongst the wild! Last year, we ended up just coming for the day and leaving at night to sleep in our comfy beds at home… we may just do that again, especially since I’m about to pop out my third son around that time and also because camping goes against my religion of glamour. 

Anywho, here is the artist statement that goes with this nasty tent….“Metaphorically, I am taking the notion of the tents which were on site during the Women’s Peace Camp, as the container for emotions, and ‘humanise’ these elements to create emotional surfaces.”- Yeah, okay… blah, blah, blah… I bet this is what it’s like inside the womb but without the slip n’ slide .

photos: Likecool

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Food Art

Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce_1 Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce-1 Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce-2 Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce-3 Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce

I didn’t know that there was such a thing called a Food stylist, but Food Stylist Anna Keville Joyce has created a series of incredible works of art only involving food items. Being pregnant and all, I’d probably start nibbling here and there if I was on set until all the food was gone… the flamingo would end up looking like a zombie ate it, the owl would look all wonky and freaky, that woodpecker would just completely disappear… good thing I wasn’t there! They’d probably taser my ass and throw me in a broom closet, HAHAHAHAHA!

photos: Like Cool

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Happy Easter!


photo: moi

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Spookshow Pinups By Ant Lucia

DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-1 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-2 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-3 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-4 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-5 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-6 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-7 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-8 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps

Check out these lady super heroes as 1940′s pinups by artist Ant LuciaI love that pin-up look, but lately I feel like it’s been overdone and can get a little cheezy… I was really into pin-up stuff probably about 10 years, but I guess it is a timeless look. Anywho, check out Ant’s site for more cool pieces of art called ‘Spookshow Pin-ups’.

photos: Like Cool

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Masha, Masha, Masha

57_42masharevapre-finallayerwd2 57_51masharevapre-final 60_4 63_2013mashareva-5201_v2-1 63_2013mashareva-5320 masha-reva-merging-2 masha-reva-merging-3-1

Here are designer Masha Reva‘s really cool collection of clothes… I’m most partial to the last photo with the flappy, sleeves that resemble coffee filters. The second photo also  strikes my fancy mostly because it looks like a Ukrainian grandmother- going- to- gather -goat’s- milk- high- in -the- mountains outfit. That look is THE look in my book. Who knew Winona Ryder would make a second career out of modeling?! But that Masha is smart because she outfitted her with big-ass rhinestone nails because of her ‘sticky-fingers’… hahahah. Security- hazard!

photos: Juxtapoz

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Monkey see, Monkey hair- do

JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen00 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen01 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen02 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen04 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen05 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen06 JuxtapozNikolineLivAndersen08

Danish artist Nikoline Live Andersen created these fantabulous wigs with the see no eveil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys. I love these wigs mainly because of the monkey. I mean, who wouldn’t want to carry their fur creature in their hair all day. If I could, I would carry Mr. Miggins in my hair, but I have a feeling his fat ass would crack my skull eventually. That wouldn’t be good. Anywho, check out more of her experimental designs on her site.

photos: juxtapoz

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