Viktor & Rolf- Spring – Haute Couture- 2015- My Eyes….

KIM_1250 KIM_1295 KIM_1307 KIM_1356 KIM_1401 KIM_1428 KIM_1469 KIM_1552 KIM_1676


I’m getting a migraine just looking at these… the straw, the squiggly patterns, the hodge podge colors! Make it stop, Mr. Viktor  and Mr. Rolf! Make it Stooooop!

photos: Style

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Japan’s Bunka College Fashion Contest Winners

bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-3-700x965 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-4-700x902 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-5-700x880 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-6-700x798 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-10-700x933 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-14-e1422532223147-700x933 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-15-700x928 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-16-700x956

These were the winners of Japan’s Fashion school, Bunka College. I love seeing student work because they design for fun,  not just to sell garments. Also, it’s gives me an easy target. Any who, these were all messed up in their own way and I embrace that. The detail and techniques were pretty intense , too. All in all, I give these kids an A++++++++++++…. Bravo!

photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

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Ummmm……There’s a Cat attacking your head…….

kitten-cat-hairband-accessory-campanella-1 kitten-cat-hairband-accessory-campanella-2 kitten-cat-hairband-accessory-campanella-3 kitten-cat-hairband-accessory-campanella-4

I’m all about putting a cat on your head, but there’s something not right about this particular kitty. Japanese designer Campanella had the right idea, but lost it somewhere between the crazed-cat eyes and the stiff thin body. Seriously, they should’ve fattened up the cat a bit…. maybe have in a different position? I mean, he kinda looks like he’s in attack mode? They should’ve used Mr. Miggins as the cat model. He’s plump, he’s got the perfect ‘zero f*cks given’ face and  he’s fur to fat ratio is perfect. Miggins should be on EVERYONE’S head. He’s that purrrrrfect.


Mr. Miggins says ‘oh, haaaiiiiiii’.


Having said that,  I’d still wear that headband.

photos: Bored Panda

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Guest post: Jus D’Amour !

Spring is in the air and we are certainly feeling it over here at Jus D’Amour.  We want to give a special shout out to our inspiration, our legend, Roy Jones Jr., who has not only succeeded in the ring recently, but made sure to share his love of Jus D’Amour on twitter.  We are also excited about new packaging for all of our fragrances!

To celebrate, we are offering a buy one get one free for any product! This offer is good until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, March 23, 2015.

And to celebrate even more, we will offer an ADDITIONAL special gift of a small jus d’amour to the FIRST TEN PEOPLE who place an order, follow us on twitter (@jusdamour) AND re-tweet one of our tweets.  Just make sure to include your twitter name with your order.  Happy Spring!!



Jus D’Amour
Perfume Oil  

 The Essence of Love

“Creamy, Spicy, Seductive, Wonderfulness-in-a-Bottle? 
Check. Sexy? Check. 
 There’s nothing quite like Jus D’Amour!”
Franco Wright, co-founder of Lucky Scent,
 first to introduce Jus D’Amour to the world.

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Chanel- Spring- Haute Couture- 2015- Blooming Beauties…

KIM_0914 KIM_0931 KIM_0962 KIM_0991 KIM_1015 KIM_1138 KIM_1179 KIM_1209 KIM_1221 KIM_1264 KIM_1287 KIM_1340 KIM_1384 KIM_1401

It was flowers upon flowers upon flowers at the Chanel couture show this season…. Krypt Keeper Karl must’ve just discovered these blooming beauties on his rare walk in the park in the daylight. I mean, he must never see flowers since he’s always in his vampire lair, figuring out how to extract the essence of ‘Douche’ from his mantourage and divulging in a tete-a-la-tete with the devil ! Any who, here are my favorite looks from the show…it’s a huge flower bomb and I love it!

Happy Norooz!


photos: Style

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Ulyana Sergeenko- Spring- Haute Couture- 2015- Gorgeous!

Ulyana_Sergeenko_36_1366 Ulyana_Sergeenko_24_1366 Ulyana_Sergeenko_23_1366 Ulyana_Sergeenko_12_1366 Ulyana_Sergeenko_10_1366 Ulyana_Sergeenko_08_1366 Ulyana_Sergeenko_06_1366  Ulyana_Sergeenko_03_1366 Ulyana_Sergeenko_02_1366 Ulyana_Sergeenko_01_1366

The attention to detail in Ulyana’s collections is incomparable… did you know that all the embroidery and stitching is done by hand by 100 super-talented seamstresses? This season, I’ drooling over the rooster handbags and the pink cape. Sooooo, gorgeous!  Any who, never a disappointment!

darcheen stalin st. patricks copy

photos: Style


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Alexis Mabille- Spring- Haute Couture- 2015- My Fave Looks…

KIM_0031 KIM_0159 KIM_0268 KIM_0602


The hottest look from the OTHER Alexis’ collection. Look at that BOW!

photos: Style

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