Funny Face

Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura_1 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-1 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-3 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-4 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-7 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-8 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-10 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-12 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-13 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura

Make Up Artist Laura Jenkinson has some sweet, sweet, artistic moves! She made her mouth into tiny cartoon characters! All these talented people with face painting, belly painting, food painting are all coming out of the woodwork with Instagram… I love this! I’m hoping she does Betty Boop and Stewie Griffin sometime soon!

photos: Like Cool

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HyperLip_by_Sascha_Nordmeyer_dezeen_468_1 HyperLip_by_Sascha_Nordmeyer_dezeen_468_12 HyperLip_by_Sascha_Nordmeyer_dezeen_784_0-750x535 HyperLip_by_Sascha_Nordmeyer_dezeen_784_4-750x535

Check out HyperLips by Los Angeles brand Artecnica ! Part terrifying, part ridiculous, these plastic lips will come handy when you’ve got a trip to the dentist. Totally reminds me of Willy Wonka visiting his father, the dentist. Walking around with lips like Steven Tyler in drag is sure to attract the unsavory. This calls for a hidden camera, I’m sure it would be entertaining footage. Anywho, that old dude thinks he just ‘fixodent and forget it’… poor old chap! 

photos: James St. James

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14712476259_8ddb171610_b 14712476269_2d98fe6135_b 14712476279_cfa26f1491_b 14712476449_74792d87e5_b 14712476619_b0c78e00da_b 14898847242_cde52190a4_b 14899156615_ab2af99efb_b

Holy ten head! Chinese artist Wang Zhijie paints these girls with huge ass eye and foreheads as wide as RiRi  for his latest collection. I, personally, love it. It’s like a gamine alien going to a rave. Fascinating! I’m gonna have to make these baby faces my screensaver.

photos: Hi-Fructose

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Sweet Monsters

junkfood1kenfgklnqa junkfood2paneg_da junkfood3opwnrqf junkfood4pownafa junkfood5KENAWAQ junkfood6lknsefknla junkfood9lsaknfka junkfood11ponamwfpo junkfood13adegnka

British artist James Ostrer’s ‘ Wotsit All About‘ used Kirstie Alley’s pantry items to create these delectable monsters. The junk food was slathered and glued onto these models to create some of the most effed up creatures. And for the record, I’d eat all of it. Except for the burgers and fries one… because who really wants to eat condensed worms in a patty? Anywho, here it is and I could go for an ice cream cone right now.

photos: James St. James

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Shahs of San Francisco

10592759_10153030602336729_1514698297901016591_n 10593088_10153030600496729_3637219226388797018_n 10609503_10153030602596729_4134295418097660239_n 10635798_10153030601246729_7089538182731228596_n 10646736_10153030602841729_6929076913020209990_n 10648418_10153030592666729_3578293980258938449_o 10648430_10153030601851729_5865703764695192467_o

10659192_10153030686276729_7937937149211013096_n 10680009_10153030600936729_8686508917359594007_o 10698608_10153030602151729_2232008871171629291_n

If you’re in the San Francisco area, be sure to check out “Theory of Survival: Fabrications” at Southern Exposure. The exhibit runs until October 25th and features a gaggle of Persian artists, including the illustrious Hushi from ‘Sears and Robot’ fame. You may remember him from my past posts.. very talented fellow. Hushi’s collection is called ‘Dozd Bazaar: Bootleg Identities’ and exhibits a collection of objects and art inspired by his father’s days as a student activist during the two final decades of the Shah’s reign . By the way, ‘dozd’ means ‘thief’ in Farsi. Check out his site, Hushi Robot Mortezaie (contact hushidar5000 (at) or contact the gallery: director(at) for more information on purchasing any pieces.

photos: Hushi Robot Mortezaie


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Grisly Ceramics

ep5wc2srl0wmlekdelkk hnnimje3vynjgdp3xrae i_died_a_hundred_times_2014_68x45x41cm ob1hcneunmy2ic3gr2wp qejcigskyzx25xocljoj Unholy_war_2014_62x48x44cm xpqaybsxln0m2en2e4jt

Check out artist Maria Rubinke‘s newest collection of gruesome ceramics perfect for my dining room hutch. The best is the bloody teapot head! And beware of the Sharknado in the tub! Eyeballs gauged out-that is exactly how I feel when I see people wearing UGGS. Check out my past posts on Maria’s last collection.

photos: Haute Macabre

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Snow White Swimsuit

Snow-White-Swimsuit-1 Snow-White-Swimsuit-2 Snow-White-Swimsuit-3 Snow-White-Swimsuit

Here’s a Snow White Swimsuit from Black Milk Clothing’s Disney Collection. I ordered one and love love love it. I’m a big fan of Snow White, so it was highly logical to get one despite the US$120 price tag. Usually, I wear bikinis, but a one piece will do, I suppose!

photos: Like Cool

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