Valentino- Fall 2015- Zoolander 2!

083-valentino 084-valentino

ZOOLANDER 2! That is all.

photos: Style

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Chanel- Fall 2015- Café Chanel

_GAS1401 0002-chanel 0003-chanel 0004-chanel 0005-chanel 0006-chanel 0009-chanel 0011-chanel 0017-chanel 0024-chanel 0056-chanel 0070-chanel 0082-chanel 0083-chanel 0087-chanel

Check out this awesome collection by Karl the Kaiser! Who knew zombies eat in cafés!? It’s set in a café in Paris, so we know two things: A) the service sucks and B)the food is overpriced. I really love love love the clutch in the shape of plates in the first photo. My favorite looks are the ones with the puffy camellias…It sort of looks like a tricked out garbage bag… but in a totally good way! Any who, Karl did it again!

photos: Style

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Olympia Le Tan- Fall 2015- Edwardian Ballet

KIM_0023 KIM_0049 KIM_0083 KIM_0100 KIM_0137 KIM_0169 KIM_0218 KIM_0318 KIM_0338 KIM_0464 KIM_0548 KIM_0566

Olympia Le-Tan’s latest collection was a cross between an Edwardian theater and a harlequin ballet. For all I know, this could be the Adam Ant/ Black Swan collection … My fave (obviously) from the collection is the peek-a-boo boob top in the last photo. That is sure to confuse babies everywhere… where to latch? Where to latch?

photos: Style

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Comme Des Garcon- Fall 2015- Crafting with CDG….

CDG_0027 CDG_0049 CDG_0107 CDG_0197 CDG_0233 CDG_0299 CDG_0339 CDG_0373 CDG_0407 CDG_0451

Let’s play a game!

I spy a bunch of lamp shades from the Liberace Home Collection.

I spy a white bedsheet tied in a bow to carry dirty laundry inside (professional housekeeper style).

I spy a pallet worth of medical gauze wrapped around a skinny model’s body.

I spy a trampoline full of Mr. Miggins fur.

I spy a bunch of random bows THAT I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

photos: Style

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Junya Wantanabe- Fall 2015- Three Dimensional Couture

07-junya-watanabe 10-junya-watanabe 11-junya-watanabe 12-junya-watanabe 19-junya-watanabe 20-junya-watanabe 21-junya-watanabe 22-junya-watanabe 28-junya-watanabe

These pieces from Junya Wantanabe’s latest collection are so awesome! I love 3D fashion and I’m a big fan of Q*bert. I used to play the crap out that game when I was kid. Any who, the first four looks remind me of Q*bert. I have to say the last look, the brown coat-thingy, looks a lot like an onion bag. I’m gonna have to save the onion bags from the store to recreate this look. I’m on a mission for an onion bag coat! On a last note, I hope whoever the villain designer is in the new Zoolander 2 film is going to wear the outfit in the 8th photo. Because it looks really, really, really, really, really evil.

photos: Style

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Yohji Yamamoto- Fall 2015- Gothic Reaper

DSC004_KIM_0081 DSC009_KIM_0249 DSC034_KIM_1014 DSC035_KIM_1029 DSC036_KIM_1058

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! This one Hefty Cinch Sack party I want to go to! So many styles of black on black on black. Even the Grim Reaper is like ‘too much, too much’! What’s entertaining is not the impracticality of it, but the fact that you can probably recreate these stunning looks from a few lingering pieces from your own garage. Black tarp- CHECK! Garbage Bags- CHECK! Wire fencing- CHECK! Flag pole-CHECK! See…. and who thought high fashion is unreachable? Yohji Yamamoto, who?!

photos: Style

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IMG_9391IMG_9378  IMG_9387IMG_9372 IMG_9373IMG_9392 IMG_9393 IMG_9396 IMG_9399 IMG_9401 IMG_9403 IMG_9409 IMG_9412 IMG_9413 IMG_9415 IMG_9416 IMG_9424 IMG_9425 IMG_9428 IMG_9430 IMG_9431 IMG_9450 IMG_9453 IMG_9454 IMG_9459 IMG_9461 IMG_9462


This past Saturday I went to CAT CON LA at The Reef in downtown LA. It was a haven for everything CAT and I felt totally at home! I picked up some cool kitty trinkets and snapped a bunch of photos of fellow cat ladies and gentlemen in action. I brought along my youngest cat boy in training, Rex. He seemed to approve of the breathtaking kitty affair… Although, Mr. Miggins would have been dismayed he didn’t have a booth! Maybe next year…. Any who, it was a very fine CATURDAY! Enjoy the photos!

photos: moi

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