Jenny Fax- Spring 2015- Sweetly Morbid

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Designer Jenny Fax has always been very avant garde, so this season wasn’t shocking. The only thing I found kinda weird was the ‘homage’ to child funerals. Yeah, okay. Those blue plastic pants in the 10th photo are everything, though. I could rock those day and night and never have to change my pants! I would just wipe down the accumulated baby vomit, toddler drool and random cat piss every few hours. So convenient! F*ck laundry! Yay for Jenny Fax getting it right for once!

photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

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Octopus Ring


Check out this awesome ring by jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills… gold and diamonds! Love love LOVE!! This was a custom made piece, so, unfortunately, it’s not available to us commoners of the world.  But we can all pray for the octopus ring kickstarter… do it for Davy Jones!! If Davy Jones was a glittery gay, THIS woulds be his jewelry mainstay!

photos: Likecool

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Avant Garde Creations by Hideki Seo

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Check out the designer Hideki Seo‘s latest book with all sorts of avant-garde creations. Apparently, he works closely with designer Azzedine Alaia on a technical clothing-making level. I can’t help but think of NYC’s Muffinhead … It’s like the chicken or the egg- which came first? Hideki Seo or Muffinhead??

photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

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Chanel -Pre-Fall 2015- Ricccccolaaaaaaa…..

_A2X1559 _A2X2141 _A2X2468 _A2X2505 _A2X2521 _A2X2689 _A2X2707 _A2X2733 _A2X2987 _A2X3217 _A2X3609 _A2X3624


Here are my favorite looks from Chanel’s Pre-Fall collection held in Austria. There’s something ‘Sound of Music’ about it all…My fave has to be the last look with Cara Dela- whatever wearing layers of ruffles and a big ass BOW. But where’s Choupette??? Find that bitch and bring her out! It is a CATwalk!

photos: Style

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Yummy Jewelry

Bacon-Belts-Curry-Necklaces-and-Other-Realistic-Food-Sample-1 Bacon-Belts-Curry-Necklaces-and-Other-Realistic-Food-Sample-2 Bacon-Belts-Curry-Necklaces-and-Other-Realistic-Food-Sample-3 Bacon-Belts-Curry-Necklaces-and-Other-Realistic-Food-Sample-4 Bacon-Belts-Curry-Necklaces-and-Other-Realistic-Food-Sample-5 Bacon-Belts-Curry-Necklaces-and-Other-Realistic-Food-Sample

Japanese fake food maker, Hatanaka, has released a special line of jewelry and hair accessories that look like regurgitated food. Seriously, they look like something my 7 month old might vom. I have to say, I love love love pasta, but never thought of wearing it on my head as an accessory. I should look into that. You can order these through their website that is mostly in Japanese….that is, if you want to look like a 2 year was your stylist!


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Blood Energy

Naomi-Kizhner-jewelry-550x343 Naomi-Kizhner-jewelry2-550x366 Naomi-Kizhner-jewelry3-550x366 Naomi-Kizhner-jewelry4-550x367

File this under “Effed Up Beyond Belief”. Here is a jewelry line that doesn’t run on batteries… it runs on BLOOD! The energizer bunny just hopped away terrified. Here’s the blah, blah, blah from the artist:

“The collection, named ‘Energy Addicts’, features invasive pieces of gold jewelry that have golden spikes at each end, which are inserted into the wearer’s veins in two places. The continuous flow of blood turns the golden wheel inside the design, eventually creating sufficient kinetic energy to produce electricity that is sufficient to light up an LED and soon maybe even mobile devices.”

This reminds me of someLogan’s Run shit. Especially, that neck/back thing. I have to mention that if this piece of jewelry powered a penis pump, that would be the ultimate self- powered circle. Any who, this exists and it’s frightening!

photos: James St. James

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Avalon Comics in Santa Barbara, CA

1419296111648DC-Heroes marvel-heroes-the-marvel-cinematic-universe-now-the-most-successful-movie-franchise-thanks-to-captain-america-2

Check out this new comic book store in Santa Barbara, CA called Avalon Comics ! They specialize in comics of all kinds and hold card game tournaments like, Yu-Gi- Oh!, Pokemon and Red Dragon Inn every Saturday. And if you’re a chick fed up with  the geeky boys with fogged up glasses and drool, check out ‘Ladies’ Night’ coming up this January 17 from 8pm-10pm. Yay! Stalk them on Facebook and follow their ass on Twitter for up-to-minute updates….Have a MARVELous year!

photos: Avalon, Marvel, DC comics

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