The Dissected Cake

The-Dissected-Cake_1 The-Dissected-Cake-1 The-Dissected-Cake-2 The-Dissected-Cake
Check out this ‘The Dissected Cake’  by artist Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen. It’s a real edible cake and no actual humans were harmed in making this. This is so badass!   Definitely a cake for Halloween, but not so much a wedding cake unless your name is Morticia Addams. Yum, Yum, Yum!

photos: Likecool

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Schiaparelli- Fall 2014- Haute Couture

SCH_0037.450x675 SCH_0104.450x675 SCH_0140.450x675 SCH_0226.450x675 SCH_0251.450x675 SCH_0346.450x675 SCH_0412.450x675 SCH_0501.450x675

Holy Gorilla Arms! That’s all I have to say about this collection.

photos: Style

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It’s Tea Time!


Check out these transforming tea bags! . “Transforming tea – chamomile tea bags with stressing symbols turn into calm ones once the tea is dissolved.” -according to ad agency M&C Saatchi for tea company BOH. Miss Mimi needs her own tea bag morphing from hissy cat to calm cat. And how about a panda? From flesh eating, violent panda to calm bear…. so many possibilities!

photos: LikeCool

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Thom Browne- Fall 2015- Menswear- Muscle Men

BRO_0026.450x675 BRO_0035.450x675 BRO_0041.450x675 BRO_0048.450x675 BRO_0063.450x675 BRO_0095.450x675 BRO_0106.450x675 BRO_0115.450x675 BRO_0151.450x675 BRO_0166.450x675 BRO_0186.450x675 BRO_0252.450x675

Thom Browne always gives us the ‘crazy train express’ that I always wish I had a ticket to  because his brand of crazy is straight up ART, bitch! This season’s menswear was a blend of  international sensation Klaus Nomi, international sensation Body Worlds , and Japanese sensation Comme Des Garçon ! The muscle suits are really awesome. But, I do have to say, these models have resting bitch face syndrome and it absolutely makes the look, THE look!

photos: Style

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Beautiful Burial

maria-ionova-gribina-01 maria-ionova-gribina-02 maria-ionova-gribina-03 maria-ionova-gribina-04 maria-ionova-gribina-06 maria-ionova-gribina-09

Since we’re on the subject of dead animals….Here is a series called “Natura Morta” by Maria Ionova-GribinaMaria was bike riding along the sea somewhere in her native Russia where she found these cute dead little creatures. They all had one thing in common- they all said ‘bye, bitch’ without a proper send off or  burial. So, Maria decided to give them a gorgeous send off to heaven where there’s unlimited woodland creature snackums and cuddles. Aren’t these lovely? It’s like a woodland creature wake thrown by a gay Hawaiian mortician. I LOVE it. Check out Maria’s other creations on her site…

photos: James St. James

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Happy Bastille Day, Bitches!


The Illustrious Monsoir Miggins!

photos: moi

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No Bones About It

Buzzard-Necklace1 Cat-Skull-Necklace---Lucy01 Mink-Skull-Canine-Scapula-Necklace01 Ribcage02

The team at Ossuaria scours the land for animal carcasses to be made into jewelry, like necklaces and rings. Cat skulls, German Shepard vertebrae, fish bones and more are a few of the parts used in this macabre jewelry line. This is something we would find in Hannibal Lector‘s boudoir if he were a cross-dresser. This is something Wilma Flinstone would wear if she was one of those emo bitches. This is something a caveman would gift to his cave lady after clubbing her upside her head. This is like a savage Tiffany’s… I could go on all day, by the way. Anywho, check out their site for more creepy collars and rings.

photos: Ossuaria

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