**New Japanese Designer Alert**

soen-awards-2015-01-700x525 soen-awards-2015-02-700x525 soen-awards-2015-03-700x933 soen-awards-2015-05-700x933 soen-awards-2015-07-700x525 soen-awards-2015-10-700x525 soen-awards-2015-11-700x933 soen-awards-2015-16-700x933 soen-awards-2015-17-700x933 soen-awards-2015-19-700x933 soen-awards-2015-24-700x525 soen-awards-2015-27-700x525 soen-awards-2015-29-700x525 soen-awards-2015-36-700x933 soen-awards-2015-43-700x933 soen-awards-2015-46-700x525

Here are some photos from The Soen Awards 2015 in Tokyo . The Japanese always have their own eclectic style that I love love love! Usually there’s some sort of Samurai style mixed in with street hobo. Any who, read more about these budding designers here at Tokyo Fashion Diaries

photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

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Surf Suit


This is so James Bond! It’s the True Wetsuit JP by Quiksilver- a wetsuit that doubles as a business suit priced at $2,500 USD. If I was a surfing kinda dude, I’d save my pennies for this spectacular ensemble! I have a neoprene skirt suit from Hysteric Glamour that I have to say is really, really comfy. I bought during the 90’s so it has a rave quality to it. Any who, the wetsuit from Quiksilver also comes in a tuxedo version, which is beyond RAD! I just have to put it out there that do surfers exist that work a 9-5 job and have to wear suits??? Every surfer I’ve seen is either a stoner college kid or a middle-aged man going through a mid-life crisis and quit his corporate job…. am I right? What I’m saying is who is this made for?

photos: Like Cool

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United Nude 3D- printed Shoes

Ammonite_Fernando-Romero_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_9 Flames_Zaha-Hadid_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_1 Flames_Zaha-Hadid_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_2 Ilabo_Ross-Lovegrove_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_3 Michael-Young_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_7 UNX2_Ben-van-Berkel_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_6 UNX2_Ben-van-Berkel_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_784_5

Check out these funky 3D printed shoe collection for  United Nude  by architects Zaha Hadid, Ben van Berkel and Fernando Romero, and designers Ross Lovegrove and Michael Young. These aren’t shoes… these are hooves! These aren’t very practical, but who cares…. they’re sure to spruce up any outfit into intergalactic status. That being said… Would Imelda Marcos* Wear These? (WIMWT)

*Imelda Marc0s– owner of 3,000 pairs of shoes

photos: Dezeen

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Boxed Monsters

fantasy-monster-boxes-leather-fine-line-workshop-mellie-z-7 fantasy-monster-boxes-leather-fine-line-workshop-mellie-z-8 fantasy-monster-boxes-leather-fine-line-workshop-mellie-z-13 fantasy-monster-boxes-leather-fine-line-workshop-mellie-z-15 fantasy-monster-boxes-leather-fine-line-workshop-mellie-z-17 fantasy-monster-boxes-leather-fine-line-workshop-mellie-z-21 fantasy-monster-boxes-leather-fine-line-workshop-mellie-z-22

A Pennsylvanian company named  Fine Line Workshop takes wooden boxes and transform them into mythical monsters complete with scaly, leather skin, protruding teeth and glass eyes. These little treasure boxes are completely handmade and are waiting to start their adventure at home with you! I’d totally carry one around. I’d also give it a name, like, Henri or Nigel or Mooshmoolak. I’d store things like my sewing kit or ribbons or Barbie doll heads in it. These little guys go fast so be sure to check out their Etsy shop for these adorable monsters!

photos: Bored Panda

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Yummy Couture

1271-1 1444-0 1446 1447-0 1448-1 1449-0 1450-0 1451-0 1452-0 1453-0 1457-0 1459-0 1460-1 1461-0 1463-0 1464-3 1465-0

Artist Chloe Wise took delicious pieces of food and created designer handbags and what not out of them. Here is the blah, blah, blah about the significance. All I see is IHOP and my favorite designers had a delicious baby and I want some. If I had a pancake Chanel bag, I’d try not to eat it and wear it to brunch. Karl Lagerfeld would see me and break his vampire diet and devour it with along with a bottle of Diet Coke. Then, he’d feel bad about eating my Chanel bag and invite me to his place to meet his number one pussy cat,  Choupette. Then my GRAND PLAN of one day meeting Choupette would pan out and then I could die knowing I lived life to the fullest. And it all would be possible because of  Chloe Wise! Thanks, Chloe Wise!

photos: Juxtapoz

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Synthetic-Hair-Octopus-Hairpieces-1 Synthetic-Hair-Octopus-Hairpieces-2 Synthetic-Hair-Octopus-Hairpieces

Australian artist Kirstie Williams has made fascinators that resemble octopus out of Beyonce’s retired hair weaves and they look fantabulous! The eyes make them extra creepy and the curled ‘tentacles’ give it a nice ‘sweet’ factor. It’s all about balancing sweet and creepy! Any who, I’d wear his on my head whilst eating squid ink calamari. Check out her Etsy store CuriousCephalopods!


photos: Likecool

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Anrealage- Fall 2015- Alien Encounter of the Fashion Kind

anrealage-002-1366 anrealage-006-1366 anrealage-007-1366 anrealage-008-1366 anrealage-010-1366 anrealage-011-1366 anrealage-012-1366 anrealage-013-1366 anrealage-016-1366 anrealage-030-1366

Holy ten head! Anrealage is the designer of choice for all those hot aliens prancing around the universe! Really, this collection is giving me goth-emo Squidward vibes. I do like the white spray paint as a bull’s-eye effect. It’s sort of like when Ido some crafty spray painting and the nozzle gets all effed up and sprays me. Almost always it hits me in the face, though. Any who, hurray for Anrealage for keeping it weird.

photos: Style

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