Gareth Pugh- Spring 2015- Time to hide under the bed…..

Gareth_Pugh_001_1366 Gareth_Pugh_002_1366 Gareth_Pugh_007_1366 Gareth_Pugh_011_1366 Gareth_Pugh_021_1366 Gareth_Pugh_025_1366 Gareth_Pugh_027_1366 Gareth_Pugh_034_1366 Gareth_Pugh_036_1366 Gareth_Pugh_037_1366 Gareth_Pugh_038_1366 Gareth_Pugh_039_1366 Gareth_Pugh_040_1366

This collection is giving me KKK vibes. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s those ominous masks. In any case, here’s Gareth Pugh’s latest collection that could easily double as a cocktail dress for one of those Illuminati parties hosted by the Rothschilds. The burlap bag head is the creepiest, in my opinion. That’s right, I need to pick up a bag of basamati rice… thanks for reminding me, Gareth!

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Au Jour Le Jour- Spring 2015- Cartoon Glamour

_UMB3586 _UMB3632 _UMB3671 _UMB3755 _UMB3851 _UMB3873 _UMB3948 _UMB3970 _UMB4113

Au Jour Le Jour is pretty new on my radar. Usually, I scan quickly through each new designer’s collection because most are boring, but, I was drawn to the cartoony sushi, ice cream cones and headless shrimp printed on the dresses. This collection gives me Ashish vibes, mostly for the use of sequins and denim. Let’s keep an eye on Au Jour Le Jour… they may turn out to be a cool little fashion house.

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Dolce & Gabbana- Spring 2015- Dressed to Kill

DOL_0111 DOL_0141 DOL_0183 DOL_0196 DOL_0370 DOL_0497 DOL_0590 DOL_0725 DOL_0948

The theme of our favorite Italian tax evader’s collection was the bullfighter! I, personally, do not condone bull fighting because I think it’s cruel to bulls and red capes, but I did find this collection very beautiful. I can’t wait for a prison theme since they’ll be doing some time in the clink sometime soon. I can imagine orange, stripes and handcuffs will be a recurring design throughout the collection. Anywho, bullfighters it is until then!

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Meadham Kirchoff- Spring 2015- Mess in a Dress or is it Dress is a Mess?

_AG14767 _AG14788 _AG14812 _AG14825 _AG14874 _AG14927 _AG14951 _AG14986 _AG15006 _AG15151 _AG15277 _AG15301 _AG15347

Meadham Kirchoff’s latest collection is a vision of ….of…. okay it’s not really a vision of anything, I guess. It’s just one huge mess. I want to root for them because I usually like their stuff but this season was as if they let loose of toddlers in a Salvation Army and told them to create their imaginary friend. Clothes piled on each other with no rhyme or reason, tons of bungee cords, leggings with bed bugs attached to them… good lord! I guess mass producing for Topshop drove them mad.  Oh well, there’s always next season!

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Moschino- Spring 2015- Barbie Girl


This was such a brilliant show! Barbie x Moschino ! I’m an avid Barbie collector, so this is a dream come true… I feel like I’ve seen these outfits on Barbie’s before, especially the evening gowns… The best is the hot pink motorcycle jacket outfit. If that doesn’t scream international glamour icon Angelyne then I don’t know what does. I also loved the copious amounts of pink through out the collection… pink is my favorite. Yay for Jeremy Scott! Moschino is back, baby!

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Oscar de la Renta- Spring 2015- Check Mate

LUX_3387 LUX_3501 LUX_3508

Have I told you lately how much I love Gingham? Sure it looks like a picnic table, but there’s something very spring and innocent about the check pattern, especially when it’s in pastel hues. Something 1960’s Brigitte Bardot about it… anywho, Mr. De la Renta passed away this past week and he certainly gave us a cheery spring collection before he did.  May he rest in peace…..those are some big shoes to fill.

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Happy Halloween !!

1495292_10153221768373943_6544475701806528875_o 10548009_10154682823300062_7147089171633338404_o

Every year, my family and I go on several outings during Halloween week. So, I get to have 3-4 costumes for a week! This year’s costumes proved to be challenge since I needed to have booby access for the littlest one. This year, I decided to join my Star Wars boys (the oldest went as Darth Vader, the middle guy went as an Ewok and the littlest went as baby Yoda) and to go as Princess Leia. The husband chickened out of Darth Maul, mainly because it was 3,976 degrees Fahrenheit here in California. Anywho, I also went as a breast-feeding Snow White. Snow White is always my go-to costume because I already have the hair done. Depending on what position I sleep at night, my hair could go from a sleek, chic Amelie to a dowdy Bettie Rubble to a ‘special’ Willy Wonka (the Johnny Depp one). Really depends. Any who, today I will go as Joan of Arc… I’ll try to post photos tomorrow. Happy Halloween from my gang of kitties to you!!


migshalloween mimihalloween minky-halloween spooky-migs

photos: moi


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