Thom Browne- Fall 2015- The Gorgeous Grim Reaper

ONP_2183 ONP_2206 ONP_2237 ONP_2278 ONP_2308 ONP_2376 ONP_2450 ONP_2483 ONP_2537

New York fashion week is always BOOOOOORRRRIIINNGG…. but Thom Browne is one of the few designers who liven things up usually. This season, he decided to ‘deaden‘ things up, apparently. Every outfit was black on black, except for the white-dressed models hanging out in the background. It was like Morticia’s closet… Roy Orbison as a transvestite, Emo/Goth kids gone all business…. Any who, I do love the hats, though.

photos: Style

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Maaike Fransen- Spring 2015- Bizarre Bunch

Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy2 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy3 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy4 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy5 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy6 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy7 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy8 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy9 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy10

Dutch designer Maaike Fransen has designed a line with My Gym balls, bubble gum masks and furry, flesh- colored hats. In other words, it was a total mess that I enjoyed watching. Any who, that baby looks like he’s had it. One one hand, he likes being carried around. On the other hand, he doesn’t seem to like who’s carrying him around. He wants to cry, but suspects any movement could trigger the giant holding him to eat him. Such dilemma. Good luck, baby friend.  Check out Fransen’s site for more of her work… I highly recommend clicking on ‘Hairy & Acne’ and ‘Cannibal Cosmetics‘…. after lunch, though.

photos: f*cking young


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Bas Kosters- Fall 2015- Furry Monsters

Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy1 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy2 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy3 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy4 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy5 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy9 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy11 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy12 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy13 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy14 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy17 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy18 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy22Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy1 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy22 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy18 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy17 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy14 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy13 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy12 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy11 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy9 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy5 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy4 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy3 Bas-Kosters_fw15_fy2

Dutch designer Bas Kosters   is known for his outlandish designs. The stroller company, Bugaboo, has even had him commission strollers in his busy, head-spinning designs. It’s a conspiracy to keep babies dazed and confused in the buggy.  Anyway, I don’t have much else to say about this collection, except maybe ‘Excedrin, and then forget it’?

photos: James St. James

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Jean Paul Gaultier- Spring-Haute Couture- 2015- Bridezilla

JPG_0027 JPG_0231 JPG_0458 JPG_0626 JPG_0915 JPG_0980 JPG_1182 JPG_1226 JPG_1297 JPG_1538 JPG_1583 JPG_1613 JPG_1678

The theme for JPG’s couture collection was brides…. and there was something for every kind of bride. Some of the outfits were half man/ half woman style which reminded me of that movie, Victor/Victoria. My fave has to be the farmer girl getting married in blue satin overalls. The only thing missing was the father with a shot gun and the toothless groom in a wife beater shirt. And my next fave was Naomi ‘I’ll throw a Blackberry at your head Campbell’s orchid bouquet outfit.  Really beautiful, but missing the real gem…. HER BLACKBERRY and her crouching assistant bridesmaid!

photos: Style

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Mouth and Ear Candles

Freaky-Mouth-Ear-Candles-1 Freaky-Mouth-Ear-Candles-4 Freaky-Mouth-Ear-Candles

For $18, Etsy seller artist uncannyartshop will send you one of these horrific candles to light your life. Seriously, these are candles that you send to an enemy…. forget the glitter, send them a creepy mouth candle! That way, as the candle burns and melts, you can see how Donatella Versace looks like in person. It’s like having your own aging socialite at your table… melting away! How FUN!  Hey, at least it’s not a foot**.

** I have a foot phobia. Feet over 3 years old freak me out. **



photos: Likecool

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Viktor & Rolf- Spring – Haute Couture- 2015- My Eyes….

KIM_1250 KIM_1295 KIM_1307 KIM_1356 KIM_1401 KIM_1428 KIM_1469 KIM_1552 KIM_1676


I’m getting a migraine just looking at these… the straw, the squiggly patterns, the hodge podge colors! Make it stop, Mr. Viktor  and Mr. Rolf! Make it Stooooop!

photos: Style

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Japan’s Bunka College Fashion Contest Winners

bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-3-700x965 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-4-700x902 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-5-700x880 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-6-700x798 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-10-700x933 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-14-e1422532223147-700x933 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-15-700x928 bunka-fashion-design-awards-2015-16-700x956

These were the winners of Japan’s Fashion school, Bunka College. I love seeing student work because they design for fun,  not just to sell garments. Also, it’s gives me an easy target. Any who, these were all messed up in their own way and I embrace that. The detail and techniques were pretty intense , too. All in all, I give these kids an A++++++++++++…. Bravo!

photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

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