Jeremy Scott- Spring 2015- Hippie Raver

SCO_0061 SCO_0151 SCO_0223 SCO_0323 SCO_0455 SCO_0469

This collection is like a midwestern raver tripping on patchouli fumes after watching a Shrek marathon. In other words, it totally makes sense! This is the show that the hillbilly chipmunk made an appearance at debuting her new jewelry line, which looks like a Claire’s circa 2001 exploded.  Anywho, I’m curious to see what Jeremy has in store for us at Moschino because this was one collection to forget.

photos: Style

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Thom Browne- Spring 2015- Garden Party

KIM_1178 KIM_1692 KIM_1640 KIM_1625 KIM_1612 KIM_1528 KIM_1461 KIM_1411 KIM_1331 KIM_1300 KIM_1260 KIM_1215

Thom Browne has done it again! These pictures make me want to play croquet. The hats are really the centerpiece in this collection… especially the suit fedora hats and the dress form hats. Love love LOVE! Bring on the garden parties because this IS the look!

photos: Style

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Chicken Skin Couture

Man-Dresses-In-A-Suit-Made-Of-Real-Chicken-Skin-1 Man-Dresses-In-A-Suit-Made-Of-Real-Chicken-Skin-2 Man-Dresses-In-A-Suit-Made-Of-Real-Chicken-Skin

Artists Victor Ivanov and Lewis Burton went full on ‘Buffalo Bill’ with this jumpsuit made out of chicken skin. Foghorn Leghorn just shuddered and is hiding in his multi-million dollar coop.  The hilarious part of all of this, the guy strutted around in public wearing the stitched salmonella. Seriously, if I saw this guy in public –

a) I would think it’s just one of those Nacho Libre people.

b) Ask him if he needs to put the ‘lotion in the basket’.

c) and to RUN! Because chicken is my favorite food.

By the way, that stitching is as bad as my sewing on a good day. That guy better not run into Paula Dean or she’ll make a fried up  ‘Turducken’ out of him.

photos: Like cool

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Snap! Krackle! Pop! Art

Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.12.19-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.12.29-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.12.40-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.12.57-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.13.07-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.13.19-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.13.28-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.13.39-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.15.59-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.16.17-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.17.10-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-02-at-3.17.42-PM

Check out these awesome rice krispie creations by   Jessica Siskin aka Mr Krisp ! Rice Krispie treats are probably one of my favorite desserts because they’re crunchy, sweet and gooey all at the same time. Some people think it’s like eating styrofoam, but I beg to differ. The butter is really the key to making this treat either really delicious or nast. Anywho, check out her instagram for more amazing creations!

photos: James St. James

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Thrifty Art

re-directed-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-1 re-directed-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-4 re-directed-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-6 re-directed-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-8 re-directed-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-9 re-directed-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-10 re-directed-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-22 re-directed-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-24 re-directed-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-29

Artist David Irvine  took masterful thrift store paintings and transformed them into objects of desire by adding to the art itself. Who doesn’t want to frolic in an English garden with Jason from Nightmare on Elm Street? And Stormtroopers are just like us! They mow lawns, too. Fishing with Darth Vader must be so relaxing! Anywho, either David pulled a Banksy or Banksy pulled a David. We may never know!

photos: Bored Panda

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Macabre Fairy Tales- now on iTunes!


It’s my favorite time of year! Halloween!! So, I wrote this spooky iTunes Interactive App Book called Macabre Fairy Tales. It is illustrated by the talented Kaori Watanabe. This is really a passion project of mine that I completed 2 years ago… but really, this stuff is timeless. Hope you can check it out!

photo: moi


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Funny Face

Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura_1 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-1 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-3 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-4 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-7 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-8 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-10 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-12 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura-13 Funny-Comic-Characters-by-nbsp-Make-Up-Artist-Laura

Make Up Artist Laura Jenkinson has some sweet, sweet, artistic moves! She made her mouth into tiny cartoon characters! All these talented people with face painting, belly painting, food painting are all coming out of the woodwork with Instagram… I love this! I’m hoping she does Betty Boop and Stewie Griffin sometime soon!

photos: Like Cool

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