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Animal Face for your Face

Russian tattoo model Teya Salat   designs these bad-ass, animal-themed balaclavas that are sure to make people do double-takes! You can choose from tiger, bear or (my favorite) cat face to shield you from the extreme cold. Living in Southern California, it never gets cold enough to wear a ski mask, …

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Australian artist Kirstie Williams has made fascinators that resemble octopus out of Beyonce’s retired hair weaves and they look fantabulous! The eyes make them extra creepy and the curled ‘tentacles’ give it a nice ‘sweet’ factor. It’s all about balancing sweet and creepy! Any who, I’d wear his on my head …

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Royal Ascot 2015

The Kentucky Derby has come and gone…. but the Royal Ascot 2015 (The Kentucky Derby is the hillbilly sister to a posh, British Royal Ascot, I suppose) is coming up next month! Here are some wacky and wild  hats from both events from past years and I have to say, I’d …

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Haute Hat

Latvian design house Mareunrols  really love black, although that’s not why I’m writing about them. It’s all about those HATS! How awesome is that??!It’s like a splash of ink on your head! That Pharrell should give up the Smokey the Bear hat and trade it in for this! I just want to …

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The Crucifixion of Holly Hobby!

Whoa! Holy Holly Hobbit Hellraiser!! This is Angela Ellsworth’s “Seer Bonnets: A Continuing Offense” on display at the Phoenix Art Museum. Basically, Angela felt compelled to poke a million bazillion pearl-tipped needles through these early American bonnets and see what would happen. Well, this happened and I have to say, they look …

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