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This is Art?

Lady Gaga x Barney’s

I know I’m super late on posting this but I was busy being lazy on the couch in my robe for the holiday break. Seriously, there were days where the only interaction I had was with my computer, cats, a six year old boy and the husband. Yeah. It was …

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Extreme Fashions by Uta Levan

Uta Levan  is a New York-based fashion label that specializes in art wear. The last photo is a 4 piece ensemble with a crucified Spiderman on the back. That is sure to make 8 year old boys (or 35 year old geeks) everywhere scream and crying  in terror. The first photo …

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Bizarre Sculptures to Boggle your Mind

Ummmm, errrrr….these sculptures are from the mind of Magdalene Gluszek. I’m down for weird art, but this is straight up bizarre, yo! I mean, Blue Flowers sprouting out of a butt, impish dude with blue hair being dragged by a bunch of bunnies, Gollum crawling around with moss on his back, …

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The Lovely Bones

Dutch sculptor Cedric Laquieze (above) needs to get on doing centerpieces for weddings, bar mitzvahs and golden anniversary functions. I mean, I wish I had a skeleton floral arrangement for all the fancy times I’ve organized. After a long look at the last photo, I finally figured it looks like the evil …

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Hairy Castle

File this under “Nasty sh*t only a mentally challenged person locked in padded room with nothing but the hair on their head would do.” Seriously, skeeved is not even the word right now. Artist Augustina Woodgate  naired her arch nemisis used clumps of hair to create 3,000 hair bricks to …

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Spooky headpieces by Erik Bergin

    Check out Erik Bergrin’s really avant-guarde art. Mostly, it’s masks and hoods that are sure to make you crawl under your bed in fear. Like that leather half mask in the fourth photo… it looks like a melted Kardashian face! And that wooden mask in the third photo is great …

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