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Alexander McQueen

Ashley Rose Couture

I stumbled upon Ashley Rose Couture  while reading Juxtapoz magazine and boy, what a treat! Hailing from Massachusetts, Ashley Rose has created some remarkable pieces reminiscent of Alexander McQueen. The photo shoots for her pieces are equally stunning and intriguing. And the best part of all… “In the upcoming weeks, I …

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Alexander McQueen-Fall 2016- Formidable Florals

This is Alexander McQueen’s latest collection by Sarah Burton. Sarah Burton is an enigma to me. She is quite talented and has carried on McQueen’s legacy seamlessly, however, I still get frumpy- lesbian- who- shops- at- Home Depot- on- Saturday- afternoon vibes.  My brain short circuits over this all the …

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Alexander McQueen- Fall 2014- Furry Creatures

  Sarah Burton decided to skin a few woodland animals, including the illustrious and bewitching Pepe Le Pew, for Alexander McQueen’s latest collection. The models look pretty cozy, except they also look angry. Scratch that, more like “hangry”. Someone throw a baby back rib up on there, for goodness sake. …

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Guitar Doll House

  Check out this guitar dollhouse created by Fairy Meadow Miniatures ! I just love tiny things! I can picture a group of hipster mice living in there. One would be all strung out on cheese. The other would not have bathed for a year. And the other mouse with fake dark-rimmed …

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