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Marc jacobs – Fall 2016- Army of Goth

Holy deep, dark and depressed goth chick! I love love love it! I got Anna Sui vibes from this collection, but that’s ok because I love Anna Sui! It was like giant, goth dolls started stomping out of their purple and black Victorian houses in those huge boots and decided to …

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Marc by Marc Jacobs- Fall 2014- BMX Raver

  Here is the latest from Marc by Mac Jacobs… I’m getting 90’s vibes from this collection, particularly due to the plaid, techno-raver colors. This is something that I would wear in back in 1996. I find it funny that fashion recycles every 20 years because it just means you’ve …

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Designer Logos

First off, it took me a good 5-6 minutes to figure out the people in these drawings are the designers of the fashion house logo. I mean, who knew Louis Vuitton looked like Saddam Hussein and Yves Saint Laurent looked like John Lennon??? Anywho, Dutch artist Mike Frederiqo took the clever idea of …

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Louis Vuitton- Spring 2013- Checkmate, Again?

Marc Jacobs and Alexandre Herchcovitch must’ve had a sleep over watching that Tom Petty video on repeat while pigging out on Trader Joe’s Checkerboard Mouse Cake. I wanted to like this collection, but I feel like it was too repetitive and not interesting enough. I do love the splash of colors and the …

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