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Cool Stuff from John Lewis

Check out these cool stuff for your home and garden from British purveyor, John Lewis.  They deliver throughout Europe and the US and Canada.Click on the photo above to take you straight to the product. I had no idea that Christian Lacroix had a wallpaper line. I chose the purple map …

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Tokyo Fashion Art College Graduate Collection

Here is the senior collection at the Tokyo Fashion Art College (TFAC). I googled the college and came up with nothing. Either it’s like a community college where your chola cousin studied cosmetology at or it’s strictly Japanese and no Engrish site exists. Anywho,   these are all great! My fave …

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Monsters of Fashion

Check out this awesome exhibit called “Arrrgh! Monsters of Fashion” at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, which is based on a book called ‘Not a Toy: Fashioning Radical Characters’. This is definitely my scene , man! Monsters, fluffy stuff, bright colors, fashion…. it’s all I love! I love the Napoleon monster in the third …

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The Surreal Art of Roby Dwi Antono

I just discovered the crazy art of Indonesian artist Roby Dwi Antono  . His work has a flair of the surreal, sweet, twisted and slightly campy. In other words, I LOVE IT! Dare I say, it’s a bit Mark Ryden-ish? Which is a huge compliment in my book. Keep it coming Roby! Check …

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Jess Eaton- Roadkill Couture

  Check the art of Jess Eaton. It’s made from roadkill. Feathers, bones, skulls, you name it. I have to say she’s pretty good at making a dead possum look glamorous. She also did a collection using Barbie Dolls which is totally rad! I once made a pocketbook out of …

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Luxury Boutique ‘Avenue 32’

Check out this awesome UK site called Avenue 32. They offer the latest designer clothes, shoes and jewelry right to your door, worldwide! Whether you need a set of swanky pajamas or a classic cocktail dress or just a basic uniform for everyday, Avenue 32 has got it. Here are my …

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