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what I wore… part 34846

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the craptastic photos. But, I do have a good explanation. This was shot at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles, where every room, hallway and nook and cranny is hopelessly dim. It’s a beautiful hotel designed by Philippe Starck, but it’s starving for light. …

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Cool Stuff from Fred Flare

Check out these cool stuff at Fred Flare! You can visit their store in Brooklyn or buy off their site.  Hello Kitty ring– brassknuckle -style for the bad-ass in your life. And it’s a BOW!!! Meow, I love Cats book– Like , durrrrr…. this is a classic masterpiece, like a …

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Tip of the hat to Mich Dulce

  Check out the latest collection of hats by Philippino designer Mich Dulce. Before you say that you have to a certain purebread horse face and a bullshit title to wear these let me point out that these actually are are not too over the top and would look great with the …

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Lanvin- Resort 2012- Mini-Lanvin

It seems like suddenly every designer that ever was is doing a resort collection. I scrolled through most of them and nothing really caught my eye except some mental hospital inspired collection (see below) and this: a collection bows and cute little ladies! Lanvin unveiled their children’s collection, which I …

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