Teacups & Couture

Ashish – Fall 2011- Brit-Punk Hobo-Chic

I’m kinda digging the ‘punk, hobo-chic from London town’ look. The spider webs give it a witchy flare that would creep under Hot Topic territory , though. Eesh…… British designer Ashish really did their research at the bottom of the deepest London tube near Camdenlock Stables, which is actually my …

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Christian Tagliavini- Cardboard Art

Italian Artist/ photographer Christian Tagliavini has a way with cardboard! Check out the incredible cardboard couture. You can see the optical illusion of texture created with paint.  It’s like this post I did a while back but with clothes. There’s something cartoony about them that I really love. It’s too bad …

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