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Make A Wish……

“Dandelion” is a photo set by vegetal artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc and photographer Isabelle Chapuis. These photos are definitely unsettling, yet beautiful. They could totally trigger hay fever if you stare at them too long. Any who, these exist and so does a job named ‘vegetal artist'(???). photos: Bored Panda

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Chunky, Clunky, Funky Heels

These shoes by Japanese designer Wataru Sato are FUG, yet captivating. I had to post these because they remind me of these shoes by John Fluevog I used to wear in high school all time. They looked like witch shoes- black with white stitching. I wore the crap out of …

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Runaway Hobo Stick

What in hobo hell is this?! This is a real item for sale on Etsy. It will only set you back $59…. it’s a ‘hobo bindle’ for the lady looking for a bit of transient flair in her wardrobe. Honestly, if a carry a bindle, it would be strictly for the …

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