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Mr. Miggins has been toiling away sharpening his shanks and grooming his luxurious fur overtime for the new MIGGINS EMOJI app to be released! And the day has come where all his legions of fans can experience Mr. Miggins at his finest… through the emojis for your phone and tablets! …

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Macabre Fairy Tales- now on iTunes!

It’s my favorite time of year! Halloween!! So, I wrote this spooky iTunes Interactive App Book called Macabre Fairy Tales. It is illustrated by the talented Kaori Watanabe. This is really a passion project of mine that I completed 2 years ago… but really, this stuff is timeless. Hope you can check …

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Sushi Cats

Japanese company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts have created postcards featuring sushi cats! This is so ridiculous, it’s genius. These cats are stealing the fishes thunder. I’m definitely okay with that since cats are more cuddly than fish. Check out their online shop with a free mobile app, a variety of postcards and …

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Macabre Fairy Tales- Available on iTunes!

  BIG, EXCITING NEWS ! If you have an iPhone or iPad, check out MACABRE FAIRY TALES, an interactive storybook written my MOI and with beautiful illustrations by Kaori Watanabe. All your favorite childhood fairy tales with a bloody, gory twist! “Step into the sweetly twisted mind of Roxanna Bina …

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Swarovski Elements App on iTunes

Check out  the new Swarvoski Elements App available at iTunes! It’s available for download so you can read about the famous bling used in show costumes, fashion and jewelry. Get it now! By the way, I have Swarovski figurines of all my kitties. Really cute when they’re all on display together. photos: …

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