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The Dad Bag

It’s no lie that fanny packs are back, but this one is EXTRA EXTRA! It’s the DAD BAG!  The Dad Bag comes with EVERYTHING. It’s a bag, It’s an extra body part, it’s fashion forward… it’s a must have for this season. Now, if I saw a dude wearing this, …

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Birds of a Prey

  Japanese designer Masaya Kushino (also the designer behind Ambush) created theses bird-themed shoes using hand-dyed feathers and a heel shaped into a bird claw. Honestly, I give the guy an A+ for effort, but a sad C for execution… only because they look like something I would’ve made in high …

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Weird Random- Part 3,865

There are times where I stumble across images online that don’t fit anywhere on my blog. Not significant enough to deserve its own post, but captivating enough to mention. So, here they all are in this post called  ‘Weird Random’. –Boob Bag- You, too, can have porn star side-boob anyday of …

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Roll it up!

Mmmm, pita bread. Mohar Design thought why not make a delicious pita sandwich out of school supplies and makeup brushes? Really, this is all kinds of cool, but I probably wouldn’t want to whip out a pita sandwich out of my backpack in class. It all stems from when I was in …

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Musical Bug Bag

Scandinavian DesignLab and PARISTEXAS  have teamed together to make a series of bags that look like a bug that had a musical instrument shoved up its tiny, little bug ass. Making the impossible, possible thanks to the Danish. Anywho, I really wish I was a fly on the wall (no pun) in …

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