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Hairy handbags by Taesok Kang

Accessories designer Taesok Kang must’ve had a run in with Peter Pan Dude, because he totally got inspired by his bowl cut hair and dedicated a handbag to him! Bravo, Peter Pan Dude! Anyway, Kang also was inspired by the multi-titty sculpture that stood in Soho  for years. They’ve taken it down …

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Gloomy Bear

One of my favorite characters is  Gloomy Bear by Mori Chack . It’s a pink bear that basically goes ape sh*t on humans, hence the bloody claws and mouth. Pretty poetic, if you ask me. Anywho, I felt compelled to search the internet of almost all the Gloomy Bear products and …

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Intriguing Interior Design

I stumbled upon this site called Chosen and found these really cool images. The grass chair and dandelion beds are courtesy of Chair Couture. They take old furniture and reupholstered them in modern fabrics. Check out their site for all kinds of different styles. The next photo is a dripping chocolate …

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

  If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the all round badass in your life, look no further than Sprayground ! They’ve got a special backpack that carries 8-10 cans of spray paint for that serial graffiti artist and a series of bags with stacks of money for that shady dude …

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A Bag for every Occasion!

Check out these cool, unique bags I found on Etsy! 1) Broundoor Sparrow bag– It’s a bag in the shape of a Sparrow-friend! So cool…. this is great for a stroll through the woods or something equally quaint like that. 2) Momento Mori Bag– Okay, this bag is super cool because from …

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