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Katy Perry’s New Shoe Collection

Singer Katy Perry has a new shoe line out and it’s actually not too bad! While a few struck me as boring, some were very fashion forward and original. My fave picks are above… I haven’t seen these in person, yet, so I can’t tell you about the quality. What …

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Alice in Wonderland x Irregular Choice

Oh my goodness!!! This is such a cool collaboration! Irregular Choice  and Alice in Wonderland ! I have a few pairs of shoes from Irregular Choice and they are positively my favorite shoes to wear. Firstly, they are very well-made and reasonably priced. Secondly, they are very comfortable and the designs …

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Unicorn Boots by Oonacat

Etsy shop Oonacat has made these unicorn shoes by taking off the heel and attaching hooves to the sole. This is pretty badass. I mean, to take slutty boots from Bakers and transform them into pristine unicorn boots takes pure talent. Shhhhh… listen. The angels are neighing. Once upon a time I had …

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Weird Random- Part 3,865

There are times where I stumble across images online that don’t fit anywhere on my blog. Not significant enough to deserve its own post, but captivating enough to mention. So, here they all are in this post called  ‘Weird Random’. –Boob Bag- You, too, can have porn star side-boob anyday of …

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Scary Stones

Japanese artist Hirotoshi Ito takes your average rock and transforms them into everyday and not-so-everyday pieces. The sweater is the most impressive in my opinion. All the weaves had to be carved in- must’ve been super tedious. Anywho, dentures, zippers and rocks… Hirotoshi probably had them laying around and decide to create …

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