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Tattooed Dames

Check out artist Jessica Harrison‘s latest work featuring tattooed porcelain ladies! Her last collection was all about disemboweled ladies, this time it’s tattoos! I love this, but the gory aspect of the last collection really spoke to me. Tattoos are sort of run of the mill now, so it’s not really …

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Guitar Doll House

  Check out this guitar dollhouse created by Fairy Meadow Miniatures ! I just love tiny things! I can picture a group of hipster mice living in there. One would be all strung out on cheese. The other would not have bathed for a year. And the other mouse with fake dark-rimmed …

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Plastic Toy Sculptures

  No, that’s not Bruce Jenner’s face, but a sculpture made of recycled dolls and plastic toy parts by artist Freya Jobbins. Yes, it totally looks freaky and familiar  if you live in Beverly Hills because almost every lady over 35 looks like this mess in those parts.. pretty unfortch, if you …

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Sophia Webster- Spring 2013- Doll Face

Speaking of dolls,  shoe/handbag designer Sophia Webster had an outstanding presentation of her Spring 2013 collection. Human-sized doll boxes were the backdrop for her flirty, colorful shoe and handbag collection. Seriously, it doesn’t get more awesome than this! This spring she was influenced by Aztec prints, which I really don’t like. It …

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Insanely Sweet jewelry

New Hampshire designer Insanely Sweet makes the cutest pieces of jewelry that I have seen in a very long time. She makes jewelry with  Alice in Wonderland-inspired charms, Blythe dolls and severed doll heads, as well as one of my favorite French pastries, MACAROONS! They look good enough to eat. Check out …

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Doll Parts

Only the Japanese would think a chick with doll legs is sexy! Who am I am kidding? I would totally wear these stockings with my Lolita Goth outfit I bought in Harajuku 10 years ago.  I always loved that ‘doll’ look- I even wear bows in my head because of …

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