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Louis Vuitton Toilet

  Ever wonder how rich people shit? Well, take a look at this Louis Vuitton toilet! It’s made from 24 different LV bags made by artist Illma Gore and is selling for the tiny sum of $100,000. If you’re curious how this luxurious toilet works and looks like visit the Tradesy …

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Thom Browne- Resort 2017- Nautical Eccentric

If you’re going for the avant guard nautical look, Thom Browne’s Resort collection is IT! Not much to say about this, except I love the color palette and who wouldn’t want a jacket sleeve growing out of their back?? Hip Hip Horray for Thom Browne and his army of leather …

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Jess Eaton- Roadkill Couture

  Check the art of Jess Eaton. It’s made from roadkill. Feathers, bones, skulls, you name it. I have to say she’s pretty good at making a dead possum look glamorous. She also did a collection using Barbie Dolls which is totally rad! I once made a pocketbook out of …

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Leather bows!!

As you may know, I friggin’ love BOWS! Lace, satin, velvet, vinyl, leather- if it’s in the shape of a bow, I love it. Anywho, Antwerp designer Niels Peeraer‘s spring 2013 collection is sprinkled with nude-colored leather bows on structured handbags, headpieces, necklaces and  rings- really beautiful stuff. You just have …

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