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Chunky Knits by OHHIO

Check out these super-duper cozy knits by Ukraine company OHHIO. They look so luxuriously cozy and warm! Contrary to popular belief, giants did not knit these with ginormous knitting needles! It’s actually made with human arms as knitting needles. Talk about having muscle man arms after making a few of …

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Knit Food

British artist Jessica Dance has knitted a series of food items out of yarn! And they look so realistic! My pregnant brain is CONFUSED! I want to eat them, but I know I’ll just get a mouth full of sock! Stop messing with my brain, Jess! Anywho, check out her …

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Knitted Dwarven Beards

  Check out these Knitted Beard Hats from thinkgeek… totally a geek’s dream! Not only does it keep you warm, but it makes you look like you’re into either hobos or hobbits. The braids make a nice, tidy touch to the unkempt beard. If I had a beard, I would totally grow …

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