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Chest Hair Couture

All the burly men of the world banded together and donated their locks of love (and by love, I mean, chest-hair) to an English company in need. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Especially, when you need a million strands of CHEST HAIR! And the chest hair was …

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The Power of Pink

These are the latest series from artist Scott Scheidly. I’m only really attracted to them because of the pink. It does look funny that some of the most powerful men are wearing pink. Although, I am a staunch supporter of men wearing pink. My 7 year old has a pink gingham …

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Inflatable Skull Dress

Manon Kündig showed his collection at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Show 2011 that was inspired by inflatable pieces. Besides looking like a walking fun house, all these pieces are sure to guarantee you safe from drowning. Yay. The most impressive out of the bunch was an inflatable skull dress. Inflated, …

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