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Cats in History

Philadelphian illustrator Christina Hess is my newest favorite artist because she understands the cats place…. as BOSS. It’s already a wonder why cats don’t run the world, as it is. I mean, Mr. Miggins, Miss Coco, Miss Mimi and Mrs. Minky sure do run our household. They meow and stalk until they …

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Plastic Toy Sculptures

  No, that’s not Bruce Jenner’s face, but a sculpture made of recycled dolls and plastic toy parts by artist Freya Jobbins. Yes, it totally looks freaky and familiar  if you live in Beverly Hills because almost every lady over 35 looks like this mess in those parts.. pretty unfortch, if you …

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Wearable Maps

Here is British artist Elisabeth Lecourt‘s Les Robes Géographiques series. I love how these dresses are totally christening dresses made out of maps. I mean, I can’t tell if these are meant to be worn? for adults? just to be hung up as art?or what? I think these are good enough to …

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Moga and Mago’s Latest Collection

I feel like I ‘ve written about this before, not sure- I’m getting old and my memory is pretty bad as of late. I almost gave Mr. Marmar his medication twice one day, but thankfully my son reminded me that I already gave it to him. My bad. Sorry Mr. …

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The Strange World of Rey Pador

Designer Rey Pador, recent graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in  Antwerp, knows how to throw together a look that even Gareth Pugh would give a side-eye to. But he totally redeems himself with that furry jump suit in the first photo. It’s like a giant Mr. Marmar minus …

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Paper Planes

These are definitely a bit more complicated than paper planes! Artist Lisa Rodden intricately cuts paper into fascinating motifs for you and me to ogle at.  It’s pretty precise in the photo and I bet in person it’s even more impressive. Check out her other works on her website. My favorite has …

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