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Grumpy Dishwares

“Your cooking sucks”. That’s my favorite out of all of them. Studio Froezel from The Netherlands takes old vintage plates and writes endearing quotes on them to brighten anyone’s day. I reckon you can take a sharpie and write your own prolific quote on a vintage plate and bake it at …

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Lady FINGERS and Tea?

Israeli artist Ronit Baranga knows exactly how to scare the crap out of dinner guests. These dinnerware are laden with creepy mouths (with teeth) and fingers of the unknown. I don’t know what’s creepier, the finger teacups or the those damn Jabbawockeez masks. Anywho, is it me or are all the mouths …

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iPlate for PhotoShop Geeks

Photoshop nerd and designer Todd Borka has created the iPlate, a series of plates with the tools/screens printed on them to confuse you more about what you’re about the eat. It’s pretty cute if you’re a photoshop slave at a fashion/gossip magazine. Besides that, it’s pretty damn strange to have around the house. …

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Porcelain Tea Cups to Wear

  Check out these porcelain dishware  dresses by Li Xiaofeng. It’s like so cool, yet so dangerous! If one piece breaks and cuts you, you’re kinda screwed. I wonder how he affixed the porcelain into a dress shape. Completely amazing, if you ask me. This is one to wear to …

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