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Toenail Stockings

Japan is a magical little place that burps up all kinds of messed up stuff. Here is one: Toenail Stockings. If you’re too lazy to paint your nails and you’re a panty hose aficionado, then these are made just for you! I personally hate pantyhose, so I’d never wear these, but …

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Tattoo Stockings

  Although I really would like to punch the A-hole who created pantyhose in the balls, I have to say these stockings are actually really cool. Pantyhose, as you may know, is the leading cause of feminine itching, feminine aggression and overall annoyance of the female kind. It also can …

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Frightful Stockings!

OMG, OMG, OMG. These are not Oprah’s wagon of fat that has turned into a community of lepers. These are actually nylon stockings pinned into place to help create your next nightmare.  Dutch artist Rosa Verloop describes her work as an  “uncomfortable place in the life cycle between birth and death.” How about …

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Doll Parts

Only the Japanese would think a chick with doll legs is sexy! Who am I am kidding? I would totally wear these stockings with my Lolita Goth outfit I bought in Harajuku 10 years ago.  I always loved that ‘doll’ look- I even wear bows in my head because of …

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Christmas stockings!

It’s almost Christmas and what better way to decorate your home than with ho boots hanging from your mantle. Kidding- It’s actually ‘sexy’ Mrs. Claus boots. Anywho,  Creationz By Catherine has it all covered with roller derby stockings, Converse stockings, and whimsical rainbow stockings. We have 4 paw stockings ( for …

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Random cool stuff

  Check out these cool stuff I found on Like Cool. Censorship sunglasses– You’ll be walking around like the last page of Cosmo! This also appeals to the geriatric crowd after they get their eyes dilated. Eiffel Tower heels– I like how the tower is so pointy it can injure someone… …

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